40 and new at biking

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However, beginning the sport at an older age requires a slightly different approach. To get the most out of the sport, stay healthy and improve your performance the right way, use these basic tips for what not to do as you begin riding your bike for fitness after the age of Once your soreness subsides the day after you ride, you can begin adding recovery rides and other workouts to boost your fitness. Starting something new is usually accompanied by enthusiasm.

The bent-over position on a road bike can place additional stress on your back, neck and shoulders, which are problematic areas as we age. Seeing a bike-fit specialist can help negate some of this, but so too can cross-training and a dedicated strengthening routine.

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At least two days per week, focus on strengthening your core with yoga, free weights and other cross-training exercises like swimming and hiking. This helps prevent developing overuse cycling injuries in your weak spots and keeps you mentally fresh when it is time to get back on the bike. But in your 40s, taking care of your body becomes even more important if you want to stay active and consistent with your routine without being forced to take time off the bike. Some of this will be trial and error, as every person is different.

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Watching pro cycling can be great entertainment, and like anything else, you can learn a lot about the sport by watching those who do it for a living. Taking unnecessary risks when descending, riding through dangerous weather conditions and taking your daily cycling workouts too seriously as opposed to just having fun are all ways you can wind up being forced to take time off the bike. Instead, focus more on what feels good, fits your body type and allows you to have the most fun and be pain free when you ride.

Seeking help from a physical therapist or sports-medicine physician when something comes up can help you identify the issue and develop a plan to fix the problem. Most of the time muscle imbalances and weakness are the cause and can be corrected easily by developing a personalized strengthening routine. Time off the bike will occasionally be needed as well, as are conservative treatments like cold therapy, stretching and rest depending on the injury.

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