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First lady Kathy Carruthers, center, attends a benefit in as she builds support for a coalition to address literacy in New Mexico. A group she helped found, the New Mexico Coalition for Literacy, lost state funding in and is now operating with volunteers. The coalition lost state funding in as the state Higher Education Department shifted to a new strategy — awarding grants directly to adult literacy programs throughout New Mexico, rather than hiring the coalition to manage the system and distribute the money.

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The change, state officials say, was intended to establish a more equitable, transparent system of funding. But it had a devastating impact on the Coalition for Literacy, which laid off the few staff members it had. The group closed its office space and now survives on volunteer support.

For years, it had a contract to manage and support a network of adult-literacy providers throughout the state. Higher Education does not have a comprehensive list of adult literacy services and programs in the state, and the NMCL has tried to keep up with available programs on its website, but that has been down for some time.

Anderson said they are working on it. Garrey and Kathy Carruthers travel on the campaign trail in Julya few months before Garrey Carruthers won election as governor. The coalition was launched in under then-Gov. Garrey Carruthers with help from first lady Kathy Carruthers, after the election. Kathy, a speed reader and book lover, said the need for a statewide literacy group grew clear as she traveled throughout New Mexico.

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She was surprised, she said, to learn that so many adults had cleverly managed to succeed without learning to read — a skill they often had little opportunity to pick up on their own. A group of volunteers established the New Mexico Coalition for Literacy, helping secure funding for local organizations throughout the state and coordinate their efforts. But rather than pursue a similar arrangement last year, the Higher Education Department opted instead to issue a request for awards — a system that awarded funding to a variety of groups throughout the state.

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Members of the review committee said the application was confusing and incomplete, according to Higher Education Department documents. It was far longer than competing applications. Lots of veiled and not so veiled threats and accusations; very unprofessional response.

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After losing out, the coalition questioned the fairness of the award process and asked the Higher Education Department to extend its contract. But the coalition, he said, was still well positioned to carry out its work and collaborate with other literacy groups throughout the state, ensuring the funding reaches rural areas where literacy needs are highest.

Most of the groups that received funding through the coalition still get funding, either directly from the state or through sub-grants, according to Montoya, the state spokeswoman. State Rep. Christine Trujillo, an Albuquerque Democrat and retired teacher, said there are strengths and weakness to any approach the Higher Education Department takes — contracting with one coalition or distributing the money on its own.

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The Higher Education Department plans to accept new applications for adult literacy funding in Here are 12 programs with an array of services… continue reading » May 16, Other Offers Already a subscriber? In. Stephanie Montoya.

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Christine Trujillo. More from ABQJournal. Already a subscriber?

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Longtime NM literacy coalition loses funding