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Baratta is a fine art and commercial photographer, videographer, silkscreen printer, musician and performance artist. Born in Southern California, M. He has worked with major commercial companies such as Kink. This series looks at romanticized male dominance and violence within popular culture as it is accepted as an absolute social truth.

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Dookie Snookie explores the relationship between the ified and the ifier, the symbol and the how this language is received and interpreted by the viewer. Dookie is a scathing critique on the association between toxic masculinity, patriarchal oppression, and the greatest achievement of neoliberalism: the commodity.

David Alder Director; Filmmaker; Producer. Maintained inventory of all equipment used and rented. Assisted with writing annual grant applications. Producer, director, editor. May Director, cinematographer, editor. Four-minute experimental documentary-narrative short. Submitted to Sundance Film Festival for consideration. February Co-producer, co-director, editor. Twenty-five minute medical documentary on hospice and human rights. The film is currently used by Hospice for Utah as an informational video for hospice patients and their families.

Submitted to Slamdance Film Festival for consideration. March Producer, director, and editor. Thirty-six minute documentary. Filmed and edited in 6 days. Donated to local radio station, X October Producer, director and editor. Six-minute documentary short. Steve Anderson Filmmaker; Musician. Each of my bands feature extremely talented musicians with a knack for entertainment.

Arts, particularly cinema, is her passion and career focus. She has Bachelors of Film Arts and Anthropology from the University of Utah, with post-graduation working in fundraising and film production. Having served 12 years at SLFS, Baker has been instrumental in moving the organization into the digital age, starting community programs, venue remodels, and leading the organization to sustainable growth.

When not serving the community as an arts leader, she enjoys reading, felting, spending time with her family and, of course, watching movies. For 20 years he has taught adults and high school students how to use de software. He is an expert at integrating multiple forms of media images, photos, sound, 2D and 3D animations, text, and video into his projects. He and his students have received national attention for their participation in the Mars Exploration Student Data Team MESDT project inwhere they had access to direct scientific data coming from Mars space probes, which they converted into images and animations.

His techniques of integrating Adult seeking sex tonight Tridell Utah 84076 modeling and art have been published in School Arts Magazine. He is a multi-media artist who works in video, sculpture and installaiton. He teaches art at the Waterford School.

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My job is to be your advocate: I tailor my programs according to your needs. I LOVE teaching and sharing โ€” whether elementary grades or adult! Uniquely positioned, I play unusual folk instruments hammered dulcimer, bowed psaltery, bodhran as well as classical instruments piano, harp, voice ; I do storytelling more intimate as well as musicals and operas large scale ; I teach as well as perform.

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Hey, I have been around a few years! I wish she came every week. EVERY student has a part. I look forward to your call! Michael Christensen Director; Filmmaker. This is being used for market research to see if NowPlayingUtah.

The opportunity, or lack thereof, provided by this site will be used to determine what resources need to be available to make such forums helpful. Bio- Michael Christensen is an award winning filmmaker. He is currently looking for work in the industry. A copy of his award winning film is available upon request.

He is also the creator of a non-profit organization that will seek to network, advertise, and find work for Utah artists. It is for this non-profit that the market research is being done. Please get in touch if there is opportunity for me as a filmmaker, or if this site has proven effective for you!

Hailing from Mississippi, Robert has been an actor, writer, stage manager and director in theatre and film for over 20 years. He was recently seen acting in the role of Mr. Ramiro Flores Filmmaker; Producer; Storyteller.

I have had the pleasure to work in various, film, video, live broadcast television and still photo projects, as a location scout, manager and field producer. Currently my status is a producer in a wide spectrum of media outlets. I am a documentarian and producer, also versed for both English and Spanish productions.

My personal directive is to upstart EarthBeams Productions and producer for promotional material for the commercial space industry in New Mexico Specialties Management and leadership skills. Negotiation Skills. Creative decisions for thirsty minds. Kyle Fordrung is something of a multimedia renaissance man: doing freelance work as a videographer, editor and illustrator. Originally from upstate New York, Kyle moved to Utah several years ago in order to pursue his media career, and practice his abysmal snowboarding skills.

Kyle is the Adult seeking sex tonight Tridell Utah 84076 and operator of independent video and multimedia production service, Octopod Video Labs. Tom Forsythe Filmmaker; Visual Artist. In this series, the idealized commodity โ€” Barbie โ€” becomes our food, our nourishment.

We blend, mix and confuse the ideal fantasy with the essence of our existence. Barbie may be only one of a great of products contributing to a false sense of inadequacy, but in many ways, this product is the most potent single representation of the ubiquitous beauty myth. As a part of our cultural identity since being introduced inBarbie reveals the continuity of the commodity machine.

In the same way, the doll retains its glazed, blissful smile regardless of its impending fate. While most of us at least start to grimace when we smell the heating oil that als our demise, Barbie keeps a happy face courtesy of the image-makers who hope beyond hope that those of us on the receiving end will continue to do the same. As a successor to the Food Chain Barbie series, Forsythe is making the Personal Illusions series of photographic portraits.

He then distorts the images and photographs the distortion. Personal Illusions alternately reveals a multiplicity of images, a blending of edges and some distinctively clear insights. His Healing Visions series of relaxation videos is meant to act as an antidote for the frenzy of modern existence. These slowly edited scenes of nature in motion provide a meditative background that can enhance or induce the relaxing states that we all need to enjoy inner peace. Some years ago, Forsythe traded a life of literal sensory overload in Los Angeles for the relative quiet of the country outside of Kanab, Utah where he enjoys the grandeur of the red rock and open expanses that surround him.

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In this environment, he can open his senses fully to experience the splendor of an environment that has not been developed to death. Michael Fox Filmmaker. For 20 years Michael has been telling stories at 24 frames per second. Trusting rhythm, hitting beats and building moments. An artist from childhood, his interest in filmmaking took hold as he was finishing high school.

And staying invisible.

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By that I mean not letting the edit interfere with the viewing experience. It was love at first sight. Cutting felt possible at the speed of thought. Digital editing was destined to be the future. After the series cancellation, Michael teamed with friend and business partner Steve Haugen to form Savage Pictures, a high end post company that focused entirely on long form productions.

Saving Sarah Cain, The Shunning. I have to counter it with something. Nothing recharges my creativity more than successfully cheating death.

Adult seeking sex tonight Tridell Utah 84076

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