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Whether you love it or loath it, Sixth Street is one of the most iconic streets in Austin. For the most part, the nightlife scene ends at North Lamar Boulevard. Then East Sixth is anything east of I But there is also a charm that often goes overlooked. So here are the diamonds in the rough; the best of the best on Dirty Sixth Street. There is nothing classier than the historical and haunted Driskill Hotel.

Rather, it holds a traditional and tasteful representation of the true spirit of Texas. I recommend the bacon-wrapped dates and Sage Advice cocktail. Buffalo Billiards Credit: Mr. Buffalo Billiards is catty-corner to The Driskill Hotel. This Wild West-themed bar is a playground for our inner. They have pool tables, shuffleboard tables, darts and, if all else fails, they have oodles of TVs to keep you entertained. And with a typical drink and food menu, you could set up shop for the entire night.

This is one of the best music venues in town. Alongside supporting up-and-coming local artists, they host well-known musicians without the high price tag. You may stumble upon your new favorite band. Parksidewhich in my opinion has the best happy hour in town, sits on the corner of Sixth and San Jacinto. During happy hour, you can enjoy half-off cocktails, beer and bar food such as calamari and shishitos. Only a red light le the way to this reservation-only cocktail bar, which gets its name from the once secret brothel in the same location: Midnight Cowboy Modeling Oriental Massage.

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This unique space and the outstanding cocktails are a must when hitting Dirty, so be sure to plan ahead and make a reservation. The Ritz is my favorite of all the Alamo Drafthouse locations. You go to the Ritz for the sing-alongs, quote-alongs and performances such as Master Pancake Theater. The venue kind of feels like a hodge-podge of bars all in one, but they have the best rooftop patio on Dirty and some of the coolest lounges attached Gibson Guitar Lounge and Les Paul Lounge both feature amazing guitarist memorabilia.

Iron Cactus on Dirty Sixth, home to delicious guacamole. Iron Cactus is a triple threat: Mexican food, margaritas and an amazing rooftop patio. I could spend an entire night on the rooftop of Iron Cactus, sipping on fresh margaritas, eating chips and people-watching. A photo posted by e. What started as a one-man show grew into a dueling spectacle of good times and good music. There is a cover charge, depending on the day of the week and the time you arrive. Located just outside the craziness of Dirty, this amazing and authentic French bistro bears mentioning.

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Started by three Parisians over 30 years ago, the food at Chez Nous is top-quality. Be sure to try the escargot! This neighborhood bar and grill has been around since Back when we were doing our search for the best burger t in Austinwe had many locals tell us Casino El Camino had their favorite burger in town. Read our reviewthen go decide for yourself. What goes best with a plate of laughter? More laughter, which is why I lumped these two comedy venues together. You can spend your entire evening on Dirty at these two venues alone, and I highly recommend doing so. Basically the last bar on Dirty before getting to I, Easy Tiger is not your average, German-inspired beer garden.

They have a killer bake shop, which makes speciality bre, pretzels and cookies; several of their meats are made in-house; and they have over 30 local beers on tap. During warmer months, the back patio is equipped with ping pong tables. The patio backs up to Waller Creek, giving it a fun and friendly backyard vibe. Try anything on the menu! If you purposefully avoid Dirty Adult want sex tonight Austin Texas 78744 Street, I challenge you to enjoy it as it was originally intended. These amazing Austin businesses have stood the test of time for a reason. Fuel, Spill and Pure have all been closed for about a month now.

What do you think will happen with those locations Jacqueline? Have you heard anything? The bars will go back on the market. Spill is already getting picked up by the Womack Bros. GGreat read. Thanks for the article. Anyone have a suggestion??? I need to sow my wild oats and plan on dancing as much as possible! What kinds of things should I be on the lookout for? Please advice —. You will enjoy your visit, Abby! It is common to hold your drink while dancing. It usually depends on how busy the venue is and whether you can keep close to your drink — drugs or not!

Other than that, use your intuition as far as which venue is best for you. Austinites are known to be extremely friendly, so feel free to reach our for direction or help whenever you need it during your Sixth Street Adventure. I have visited 6th St on Saturday nights only, is environment on Fridays same as Saturdays? Does street get closed like Saturdays? This is awesome! Our site helps you plan your night out on 6th street by breaking down the bars into based on your interests.

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The on 6th Street is way better…outdoor patio upstairs. Drinks specials and crowd is better. How would you like it if I referred to your neighborhood as DIRTY despite you being there for 15 years and accruing awards and kudos? Stop it please. Thanks for your comment.

I can list a dozen words in common use that are negatuve in meaning and intent. You can help change that. In terms of partying it can be used as slang for a good time. Dirty usually refers to sin or filth. Usually simplicity has more emphasis anyway and makes it sound more iconic. Its just a disgusting and stupid word to use. Lol to bad your stupid huh. Thanks for elevating the dialogue Kyle. When your livelihood depends on the success of the neighborhood let me know and you can start pontificating, OK? The businesses are open nightly, in some cases during the day, meghanngotcher:disqus.

Hey, great article! Arguing with children or the permanently mistaken is often a waste of time. Party atmosphere, racially diverse, great people watching. Stay away from 6th street. Nothing but ghetto people and gang members everywhere.

Dirty Sixth is the best! Got into a fight downtown Austin back in the day… Got sprayed by the police and about ran over by a horse. Good night overall. We are all about Austin: the vibe, the people and the uniqueness of the city.

We love to explore. Get to know us! The Parish on Dirty Sixth Street. Notify of. Oldest Newest Most Voted.

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Adult want sex tonight Austin Texas 78744

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Guide to Austin’s Dirty Sixth Street