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Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. The extreme political movement QAnon has mobilised a committed band of believers dedicated to fighting what they claim is a war against corrupt, child abusing elites. Now his family are speaking out on Four Corners about his descent into this extreme world view and their fears for him.

What emerges is a portrait of a family in distress, divided by politics and extremist beliefs and a growing sense of alarm. In this dramatic episode of Four Corners, family members detail their growing awakening to the powerful hold this extremist movement now has. Those with experience of QAnon at the highest levels say the conspiracy theory movement needs to be watched very carefully.

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This episode of Four Corners has already sparked a political furore and an angry rebuke from the Prime Minister. It is replayed on Tuesday 15 th June at 1. Why there is poverty, division and crime? What if I told you there was a reason for it all? The bizarre ideology has attracted millions of believers worldwide, including a large in Australia, fuelled by the lockdowns during Covid It's like a Corona virus of the mind.

Here's to life's journey, still going on. UPSOT: The world is currently experiencing a dramatic covert war of biblical proportions, literally a fight for earth. Between the forces of good and evil. We were worried about that, and it wasn't just a law enforcement concern, we started to view it as a real national security threat. According to the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, Australia is the fourth largest country for QAnon-related activity online.

No one knew where this virus had really come from, right?

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The power is the behavioral change that it causes in a believer, it's destructive to the person themselves and their relationships, their family and friends. Every day I see stories of families being ripped apart; people's children being kicked out of the house by their parents. People having to call off marriages after decades. Why do they drink blood? Why do they need to sacrifice humans? So, we know from archived versions of the BurnedSpy Twitterthat in early he had around 17 hundred followers, and by latehad you know, 20 thousand odd followers. The two girls in particular have known each other from high school onwards and the two men who married the two girls became friends along the way.

He was excited, so was I, when Any Four Corners women want nsa was elected. Happy Anniversary guys — still remember you telling Jen and I a very long time ago in our little flat in Bronte that you had an amazing guy — you were right. In JanuaryTim Stewart shared these photos from Kirribilli, saying he was house sitting.

The little boy is his son. It has been folded into a set of beliefs about the United States Government, in which there are high powered, high profile individuals who secretly engage in these strange satanic ceremonies. This exact wording is a key phrase for victims. Think of this like a code that sends a direct and clear message that they have been heard by Scott specifically…. We really believed that this was the turning around of the tragedy of sexual assault against children in the nation.

It happened day after day, week after week, month after month, decade after decade, unrelenting torment. It was taken in the spirit that it was offered, which was, I think, a spirit of generosity, a spirit of repentance and regret and that's something that survivors of sexual abuse don't often get. They don't often get someone saying, "I'm sorry that this has happened to you.

I regret that this has happened to you. It wasn't evident in the reports or in the recommendations and so, certainly there were questions about, where did this phrase come from? I'm in contact with international networks of mental health workers particularly, who treat children and adults who have been subject to sexual exploitation, and I was contacted, I was ed.

People reached out about this phrase. Immediately after the apology, Tim Stewart began tweeting triumphantly using his Twitter BurnedSpy A new conversation began today in Australia. It was a stepping stone to be sure, but we took the step.

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ScottMorrisonMP took control of the narrative powerfully and commenced phase 1 of our restoration. Four Corners has spoken to most of the members of the reference group and seen their formal written advice. Karen was 14 when she says she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by two young men from her church community.

Somebody who had become hard, somebody who sought values that were not those that we had instilled in her. There was a change that took place. InKaren reported the assaults to police. They decided there was insufficient evidence to proceed. That was one of the moments where I recognised that my brother cared more about QAnon than about the healing of people in relation to their own child sexual abuse. You're not talking to the person; you're talking at them and they're standing there and sitting there, and you can see the disinterest in their eyes. I mean, that's just a great thing.

You're both like separate patriots that found out you are patriots in the same war, in the same troop, in the same battalion. Whatever the case is, it's worth keeping an eye on. Has a QAnon conspiracist been invited to either Kirribilli or the Lodge?

Another assertion in the story is that information from this person has been passed directly to the Prime Minister. They would have all been involved, Scott and Jenny were going to go as well, that was, that was mentioned.

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But I know Australians understand this. The only thing I am aware of, as has been confirmed by Ms Foster, is that the woman concerned has been employed. I have just asked all of my staff openly if anyone has any information. It would appear the answer is no, so the best I can do is take that on notice. Jesse Stewart blamed members of his family for the twitter ban and sent them threatening text messages. Watch yourself buddy. So we did make a report to the authorities to ensure that we were doing the right thing as community members.

That we do have family members who are involved in something that could finish up being a threat to Australia. Four Corners has learned that Lynelle Stewart stopped working at Kirribilli House at the end of last year. And look, I understand, again, we all have friends and family members that have unorthodox views, but when you're put in a position of public trust you have to maintain the public's trust.

Crikey also asked the PMO what measures if any were in place to prevent Mr Stewart having access to confidential information about the Prime Minister. Four Corners contacted the Prime Minister with a detailed list of questions five weeks ago and followed up with his office more than 20 times.

It's also just so very disappointing that Four Corners in their inquiries seek to cast this aspersion, not just against me but against members of my only family. We popped over to see them all the other day, so it was, it was quite lovely to get a few photos and feel part of that very extended family that we don't always get to see. Mondays at 8. Video Player failed to load.

Play Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and Any Four Corners women want nsa arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. Image: Four Corners. Updated Wed 30 Junpm. Expires: Tuesday 12 May pm. There are vocal devotees here in Australia. Transcript plus minus. I clearly do not. How is it, as a Mum, watching this? What has prompted them is witnessing year-old Tim Stewart descend into the world of QAnon. Now, this conspiracy theory was not only untrue, it was in my view, indiscriminately crazy.

There was very little information. It came on so fast governments were shutting down. People were scared, it was traumatic, and they go searching for answers. The QAnon Casualties reddit group has aboutmembers, including in Australia. People's parents, you know, accusing them of wanting their children to die.

So, it is the saddest place in the internet. One of his biggest regrets is that he got one of his relatives involved. The moment I got out, I realised like, what have I done? What have I done? And I tried, I've tried to talk to him. I've tried to get him out. It doesn't work. Scott Morrison became Prime Minister in August The two couples cemented their friendships at their local Baptist Church in the early s. When Mr Morrison entered parliament, the Stewarts were delighted. So certainly, was helping out. Eliahi Priest set up a meeting with Tim Any Four Corners women want nsa and others.

We felt like we were a part of history. We wanted it to be the moment of change. Pretty sure speech is at 11am. I hope he says it. Scott is very aware of the enormity of today! And the systems within these organisations allowed it to happen and turned a blind eye.

How did it arise? How did it come to be in the Prime Minister's speech in the manner that it was? It is a phrase that we're aware of. It's a very sensitive phrase. Scott is a patriot. This is going straight to Scott. She told her parents and her brother Tim, who supported her through the aftermath. My life is the worse for having QAnon in it. It hasn't made the world a better place for children. You can see this almost disdain and the pity, but you cannot stop yourself. In November, they were interviewed on a Youtube QAnon talk show. The hosts applauded the father and son duo.

Who do you think Q is? Happy birthday Tim Stewart — nice to see the mullet out of the time capsule. Tim replied: Thanks mate. In October last year, the concerns about Tim Stewart were again raised in the Senate. There doesn't seem to be any suggestion that there is anything concerning. I will make you lot famous … all of you. Yes, things escalated.

Any Four Corners women want nsa

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The Great Awakening: a family divided by QAnon