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Of course this will mean they all want to see engagement photos, photos of the ring and everything else. Picking the best engagement photo Beautiful couple looking friendship Arizona can seem overwhelming with all the beautiful places we have around the valley. This is the spot where photos and memories will be made, so choosing a photo shoot location that fits the dream and inspiration for the couple is extremely important.

We have been lucky to do photo shoots at many of the best places around the valley. We want to spotlight some of favorites today. There is no doubt that each one possesses something special that makes the engagement photo shoot of your dreams become a reality. So take a look and see if the perfect photo shoot location for you is just waiting to be discovered!

A short drive away from Phoenix lays a little magical spot just waiting to be discovered in the Tonto National Forest. At first glance, Coons Bluff may not seem like a lot. But it is an excellent spot for those couples who enjoy the simple pleasures in life such as a bike ride together or a picnic at twilight. Decorated with intricately shaped trees and whispering grasses, Coons Bluff is gorgeous in perfect lighting.

It offers a desert element for photos, with just a touch of greenery and water features to make things pop. This location has an ever changing river which gives each shoot its own unique look and feel. Sometimes we get lucky and see the wild horses grazing at the river side, or moving through the trees. We will meet you at a near-by Starbucks to have you follow us to the parking lot as cell service tends to be unreliable. There is a small fee for the parking lot. Full of culture and breathtaking architecture, this Phoenix photo shoot location is a perfect fit for those who adore the Japanese aesthetic.

With beautiful bridges, lush greenery, lanterns, water features and more, this Japanese Garden in the heart of Arizona is like a little escape to paradise! This location is ideal for the couple looking for something less desert. Additionally, for those who love birds, this particular location has many of them, such as hawks, doves, hummingbirds, and herons to name a few. The garden is closed from August-September, but any other month is up for grabs. Like something straight out of a fairytale, the Ashley Castle in Chandler, AZ is an elegant and simply magical venue location.

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It is perfect for those couples who are looking for a medieval or fantasy fairy-tale themed ambiance. The Ashley Castle is a great choice due to their gorgeous banquet halls, luscious fountains, and breathtaking architecture. Fountains, gardens, elaborately made wooden doors, and more awaits you at this amazing location. This location is also a wedding venue so if you decide you love the gardens for a shoot; you also have the option of sharing the location with the entire family.

We have had the pleasure of photographing both wedding and engagement sessions. Featuring all kinds of desert and dry land plants, the Arboretum offers a unique element for an engagement shoot. For those who are looking to mix things up and bring a natural, almost mysterious, feel to their photo shoot location, this is definitely a spot to consider. With varied landscapes that showcase mesas, cacti, awe-inspiring colors, and forested areas containing green accents, photos taken at this venue will be perfect for the Boho couples of the world - and anyone who dreams of adventure filled with freedom, love and laughter.

This location experiences all the seasons and is beautiful year round. Only the entry fee is required to have a wedding photographer shoot here.

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For those couples who are hiking enthusiasts, this gorgeous trailhead is an optimal location to capture a photo shoot. With towering rock peaks and red hues weaving across the landscape, even the simplest of photos can be a showstopper! The hike offers multiple locations for stopping to admire the beauty of Sedona.

It also offers various opportunities, such as a swimming hole and lush green foliage to capture the elements of this beautiful location. Just be sure to wear sturdy hiking shoes to the shoot as the rocks can be a bit slippery here! We have hiked this location often. The bride and groom carry their clothing in a backpack. We carry all the gear. No fees or scheduling is required.

This is another absolutely stunning location in Sedona full of amazing features that make for a breathtaking photo shoot. Thanks to the beautifully placed foliage and towering Sycamore trees, nature alone is enough to enchant anyone. Pair it with the intricate fountain features and interesting architecture and you end up with a gorgeous location where any angle is picture worthy. Their art galleries, unique shops, gorgeous courtyards, cobblestone paths, and vibrant flowers make the Talaque Parque a magical place.

As an Indian wedding photographer I Beautiful couple looking friendship Arizona always looking for epic locations to have beautiful shoots. The proximity of this location to Cathedral Rock makes it a great location to contrast the ornately stunning outfits seen at many of the multicultural weddings we shoot. No fees, hiking, or scheduling is necessary. However, weekends can be a challenge with the amount of people also enjoying the area. No fees or scheduling required. Similar to Encanto Park, Freestone is an excellent location for those couples who absolutely love tapping into their inner child together!

Featuring elements like softball fields, a Beautiful couple looking friendship Arizona park, a large wooden bridge walk, 3 playground areas with colorful swings and slidesand a beautiful lake area with ducks! Nestled in the town of Gilbert, Freestone Park is definitely a place of warm sunshine, summer themed fun that offers an excellent atmosphere of love and laughter. It is absolutely perfect for showcasing the happiness and hope that is created through an engagement.

As an engagement photographer, my absolute favorite spot is along the hill at sunset that creates the perfect conditions for beautiful silhouette shots. For those who love adventure and unique scenery, there is no doubt that the Lost Dutchman State Park is the place to be. With beautiful, towering red rock pillars and a carpet of greenery that can be found during certain times of the year, there are countless locations here that make for amazing photo opportunities.

Thanks to the Superstition Mountains that surround this area, Lost Dutchman is full of lore and legend; making it a memorable location for any shoot. Hiking it not required to enjoy amazing views of the mountains as the trails are mostly flat. There is an entrance fee and they do require a permit for photoshoots, weddings and elopements. This quaint and timeless photo location can be found in Glendale, AZ. It was built in and is filled to the brim with charm and character, making it an excellent option for those couples who hold a bit of nostalgia for times of the past.

The Manistee Ranch is decorated with antique furnishings original to the homeold farming equipment, and memorabilia from the Glendale grammar school. All of these interesting pieces make for unique photos that create an old time charm in a modern setting. Outside, citrus and palm trees decorate the acreage and help add a whimsical sophistication to the already breathtaking location. Certain times of the there the rose garden is in full bloom.

This location requires an appointment and has a fee.

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Perhaps one of the most interesting elements of this photo shoot is the large LOVE located on the premises. Bold and red, this impressive structure is perfect for capturing the overall theme of wedding and engagement shoots - love! For those couples that enjoy classic photos with fun poses, such as piggy-back rides and holding hands with balloons, this is an excellent addition to add an extra touch of whimsy.

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Additionally, thanks to the fact that this location is in the middle of downtown Scottsdale with a free parking garage, it is a breeze to walk to thecapture some photos, and easily grab a quick dinner after the shoot. There are no fees or scheduling required. With more than 51 trails for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking, the list of photo opportunities is almost endless.

Whether a couple wants to use nature as their background, or include their passions such as a horseback or biking South Mountain is an excellent location to do so.

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Dobbins Lookout is the highest peak of this location and perfect for viewing beautiful sunsets and cloudy artwork. But if there is no desire to hike that far up, there are plenty of other gorgeous locations along some of the lower trails. You can also choose locations that can be driven to with no scheduling or fees required. This lovely park offers a lot of different and interesting elements for a photo shoot, all without the need to walk very far in order to get to each one. For instance, in this unique park, a couple can find photo opportunities at the fishing lagoon, boat house, swimming pool, nature trail, golf courses, and to top it all off, the Enchanted Island Amusement park!

So no matter what a couple may enjoy doing together, they will most likely be able to find a theme that fits their photo shoot dreams here. Encanto Park is located closer to the West valley compared to a lot of the other locations we frequent. Another beautiful Glendale location, the Saguaro Ranch Park is a perfect option for those couples who may have dogs. This spot has a beautiful dog park that could be utilized in order to capture adorable family engagement or wedding photos with paw children included. This park also has some other exciting features, such as the appearance of Peacocks and a lovely main house.

There is no doubt that this location offers something for everyone. Wedding Photography.

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Beautiful couple looking friendship Arizona

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