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All Departments. How Do I? The purpose of this policy is to define the process to be followed and the applicable charges to be paid when connecting to, or modifying an existing connection to, the Town of Colchester public water system or the Town of Colchester sanitary sewer system.

The sewer portion of these connection policies do not apply to sewer users who have properties that have a specified benefit assessment applied or who have connected through the benefit assessment process. Properties that were assessed as a minimum lot size, frontage, value, and use that are further subdivided shall be subject to connection fees in accordance with this policy. How do I? Section 1 — Definitions As used in this policy, terms shall have the following meaning: Building Permit means the development permit issued by the Town of Colchester Code Enforcement Department before any building or construction activity can be started on a parcel of land in the Town of Colchester.

Core Facilities in the case of the water system means the water supply, pumping, treatment, storage, and transmission facilities that generally provide water to the local Colchester senior hookups networks. In the case of the sewer system it means the wastewater treatment, pumping, and intercepting sewers that collect, transmit, and treat sewage from local street sewers.

As local street sewers can also intercept and transmit sewage, they may also be included as part of the core facilities.

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It does not include payment for the cost of capacity in local water distribution pipes that may be required to receive water from the core system. Section 2 - Payment of Connection Fee Required From the date of approval of this policy, no newly developed property shall be allowed service from the water or sewer system until payment in full of the applicable permit and connection fee s has been received by the Town. Any property that disconnects including but not limited to meter removed, service turned off, customer dropped from billing list from the water or sewer system for a period of nine 9 months or more, pays no water or sewer bill for that period, and has not ly paid a connection fee to the Town in accordance with the November or a subsequent Connection Policy shall be considered abandoned and all rights to connect to the water or sewer system shall be forfeited.

Should the owner of the property petition to make a new connection to the water or sewer system, they shall be considered a new connection and shall follow the procedures outlined in this Section. Capacity rights shall not continue indefinitely for any property that disconnects from the water or sewer system and has ceased payment of water or sewer bills for that period, regardless of any payment of a connection fee to the Town.

Any such owner that requests reconnection of such property more than three 3 years after disconnection shall Colchester senior hookups subject to payment of a new connection fee under this Section. The applicant must provide estimates of average and peak daily uses to the Town when Colchester senior hookups for a water or sewer connection permit. In the case of new construction, the applicable connection fee s shall be paid in full prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. If no Certificate of Occupancy is required, payment of the connection fee s in full is required prior to the initiation of service.

Properties that request a reduction in water or sewer service or meter size shall not be eligible for a refund or rebate.

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However, said property shall have the right to increase the water or sewer service size or meter size to the original larger size with no further charge. In all cases, the size of the water meter needed to accurately measure use shall be determined by the Director. Section 3.

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Availability of Service Provisions of this Policy do not entitle any property to receive water or sewer service. Service will only be provided as approved by Colchester senior hookups Commission. If approved, service will be provide at a location and under the conditions approved by the Commission. If sewer collection or water distribution pipes are not, in the opinion of the Director, available to serve the property, do not have sufficient capacity for the intended use, or are not in a public right-of-way abutting the property, the property owner may request the right to extend the water or Colchester senior hookups systems to the property.

The Commission is under no obligation to approve such extensions. Any property that applies for a Change of Use through the Town Zoning Department shall be reviewed by the Commission for consistency with this policy and applicable standards. The Commission is under no obligation to approve such enlargements or additional services. If such enlargements or additional services are approved, the applicable connection fee s as identified in Section 2 shall apply. All such extensions shall be done in accordance with directions of the Commission.

The Town, at its sole discretion, may allow subsequent connections to such extensions without any reimbursement to any party. Tapping, curb stops, and shut-off valves shall be provided and installed as required by the Director and the cost of such installations shall be the responsibility of the property owner. Water meters shall be provided and installed by the Town, with the size of the meter to be determined by the Director based on the service requirements information provided in the connection permit. The cost of the meter installation, including materials, labor, and overhead shall be separate from the connection fee and shall be paid in full prior to service being initiated.

The determination of costs under this section shall be by the Director. Section 4.

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The fees may be revised from time to time as determined by the Board of Selectmen. Properties with individual premises shall be individually metered with individual accessible shut-offs. Services in excess of two 2 in. The Commission shall review the permit and connection fees at least every three years. Section 5. If the service connection permit has been canceled and refunded for any reason, the applicant shall pay new connection fees according to the applicable schedule in effect at the time of the new application.

Colchester senior hookups

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Water & Sewer Service Connection Policy