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Things kick into high gear from one moment to the next. This may be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Everything may work out, and your relationship may thrive and grow in a healthy way. It may develop into true love. You may have found your soulmate. But more than likely, the relationship is doomed to crash and burn.

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It seems that we all want things to happen super fast. We continuously upgrade to the latest devices and technologies, all deed to operate and satisfy our needs faster and faster. This need for speed may have an impact on relationships, too. We may want instant gratification so much that we overlook the consequences. Be sure to learn about and follow the prevailing guidelines. We have 2 posts that will help you:. Sex and Dating During the Pandemic. I remember a man I dated early in my dating career. Within the first few dates we had agreed to wait a few months before having sex. But in less than a month of dating, we both got carried away Dating mature sex things progressed too quickly.

The main problem: He was a recent widower, not ready to date yet, although a counselor had convinced him that he was. The intimacy shook him. He became immediately distant and, a few days later, broke things off in a phone call. The break-up was devastating for about a week, until I examined the relationship and realized that only the physical part was working.

We were, in fact, incompatible in most other ways. After that, I vowed not to let a strong physical attraction carry me away.

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I would wait a few months before having sex. I stuck to that plan from then on. They forget that STDs are still a distinct possibility. A Huffington Post article quoted social marketing expert Natalie Bowring:. The rising rate of infection indicates older heterosexual adults are engaging in frequent, risky sexual behaviour but very little research has been done on why they are not using condoms or how to encourage their use in this age group. According to Michael Castleman in Psychology Today :.

Sincerisk of syphilis among older adults has jumped 67 percent, chlamydia 40 percent, which is why health officials recommend condoms every time for everyone who dates until both lovers test STI-free and pledge monogamy.

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During sex, the hormone oxytocin is stimulated within us. According to Psychology Today :. It regulates social interaction and sexual reproduction, playing a role in behaviors from maternal-infant bonding and milk release to empathy, generosity, and orgasm. The hormone is greatly stimulated during sex, birth, and breastfeeding.

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This often le to poor decision-making. Some people go so far as to move in together right away. In particular, women may assume that they have to have sex on the first date, or within a few dates, in order to catch and hold a man.

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Not so, wrote Ken Solin in a Psychology Today article about his experiences as a man over 50 in the dating game:. Indeed, men and women! Midlife sex with a stranger, by contrast, seems more like masturbating. As boomers, we grew up during the sexual revolution.

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Many of us had sex on one first date after another, without thinking too much about it. Excellent advice, a real partner is going to wait for you. The easy thing, is to jump in bed with someone. The hard thing, is to set the boundaries and live by them. Believe it or not, you will have more respect for yourself Dating mature sex the relationship if you wait.

Please take it from someone who knows, waiting is the best thing in the world. If your partner does not want to wait, run, and run away. I totally agree, J. Know what your deal breakers are, and stick to them.

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Dating mature sex

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