Disable dating in Las vegas

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She's got a hearing impairment and other physical disabilities. She described her hurt and anger. The widow was looking for love during the pandemic when she matched with a profile. ABC 10News is not showing the face, since the real man's identity was likely stolen. They only texted. They started making plans. Testa said, "She put the house up for sale. Her family had contacted the realtor and told her to please try and not sell it, but the realtor said, 'I can't do that.

I've been hired by her, and I could lose my job. Yet just as many online dating scams go, he wrote to her that he suddenly had to leave the country to take care of family affairs. She had already mailed him money and he soon disappeared. They're not the lone victim of [that] fraudster. Last September, the FBI announced that a Nigerian national was convicted for a money laundering conspiracy related to a romance scam and other fraud schemes.

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His story. Everything," said McLellan. Testa added, "He showed her a bank statement showing that he had millions. Experts say that spoofing technology enables scammers to stay hidden. Despite the challenges in tracking down perpetrators, the FBI still wants victims to file reports through IC3 so that agents can look for common thre. McLellan is aware that she may never get justice. You never know. News Team 10 Investigates. Actions Facebook Tweet.

More people are turning to the internet to find love during the pandemic, but it can come with a high price. ABC 10News spoke to a Lakeside woman with severe disabilities who lost everything to an online lover.

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By: Jennifer Kastner. I'm very, very angry and very upset," she said.

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Last summer, McLellan ed an online dating platform. I can't hear so [we were] texting," said McLellan.

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Basically, she doesn't have any money. She doesn't have a house. She's homeless," said Testa. Copyright Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Disable dating in Las vegas

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Disabled San Diego woman targeted in pandemic dating scam, FBI reports thousands of victims in