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With its sunny weather and world-famous attractions, Tampa is one of the top tourist destinations in Florida. More than million people visit every year, and that is expected to skyrocket within the next decade as the city builds even more hotels, casinos and beachfront properties. Maybe you need some ideas, maps, guides and travel tips for a great Florida vacation. With more than 20, animals spread acrosssquare feet, the Florida Aquarium is a lot more than a few fish tanks.

If you love the diverse wildlife of Tampa, your eyes will pop at all of the things to see in the Florida Aquarium. You can also enjoy short educational films in the 4D theater that will rock your seat and hit you with real wind currents as you learn about the monsters of the deep. One of the most amazing things to do at the Florida Aquarium, however, is to take their wild dolphin cruise. Visitors can buy a ticket to the Tampa Theater at the old-fashioned glass booth that sits at the forefront of the brick building.

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A pull-back curtain protects the screens when not in use. A Wurlitzer organ serves as an authentically vintage backdrop. Tampa Bay Downs is very accessible to first-timers; you can place small bets on dozens of daily races, and you can watch from either the stands or the indoor lounge rooms that are set up with TV screens.

You can even munch on snacks from the concession stand if you find that gambling gives you an appetite. The staff of Tampa Bay Downs is another thing that marks it as one of the best places to visit for newbie horse racers. Horse racing is one of those fun things to do that most people see on television but never actually attempt in real life. With Tampa Bay Downs, however, you can jump right into the action without worrying about betting too much or missing the photo finish.

From yoga classes in the mornings to summer camps on the weekends, you can always find fun things to do on the premises. This is downtown Tampa, and there are always exciting things to do when you open your mind to new experiences! From bars and bistros to museums and movie theaters, downtown Tampa is brimming with opportunity. Visiting other parts of Florida? Some of the establishments might be sophisticated places where you can enjoy fancy sal and fine wines.

Others might be casual ts where you can eat your weight in crab cakes, lobster pizzas and dessert shooters. The locations can change. The tour guides can change. The schedules can change; some are daytime excursions while others are planned for nights or special holidays.

Offering everything from roller coasters to live tiger habitats, Busch Gardens Tampa is one of the coolest things to do in the entire state of Florida. Do you like old-fashioned rides and games? Do you like getting up close and personal with wildlife?

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Walk the Tiger Trail or climb to the treetop observation decks of the Orangutan Outpost. Built with Indian-style architecture, the Hindu Temple of Florida is a modern marvel that includes everything from rising steps to descending pyramid towers. There are no dates and times for worship at the Hindu Temple of Florida. There are no entrance fees. People come and go as they please. Located along the western shore of Tampa Bay, the Weedon Island Preserve is a place where you can unwind from big-city stresses and enjoy the beautiful, tranquil scenery of Florida. Hiking trails weave around forests and saltwater ponds.

Kayaking and canoeing trails can be taken through bushes, mangroves and seagrass flats.

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An elevated observation deck will give you panoramic views of Tampa, and boardwalks and picnicking sites are scattered everywhere for sightseeing tourists. The Cultural and Natural History Center is also located on the reserve. Imagine a place where you can relax in a hot tub, eat a five-course meal and win an amazing jackpot all in the same night. If you prefer a more casual atmosphere, stop by one of the bars, restaurants or lounges of the hotel. Do you laugh in the face of danger? Are Do you want to Tampa Florida me tonite looking for fun things to do in Tampa that will create unforgettable vacation memories?

Empower Adventures Tampa Bay is the destination for you. It offers everything from zip lines to suspended rope bridges in a series of obstacle courses that are deed to get your heart pumping. You might also want to ask about things like age and weight restrictions before you start daydreaming about free-flying over the bayous of Tampa.

Anyone can take a picture of the Florida skyline, but only a daring few can say that they saw it from hundreds of feet in the air. Be sure to take a look at our awesome lists detailing the best things to do in Key West and things to do in Destin, Florida!

It showcases more than 10, years of history for both Tampa and the surrounding regions of Florida. Start with an exploration of the relics, artifacts and preserved texts of early European voyages to the Americas. Continue your education with the re-tellings of the myths and legends that surround the Spanish conquerors of the New World.

Even in landlocked cities like Gainesville, there are water parks and sand pits that are deed to look like the shores of coastal cities, so a list of things to do in Gainesville can still include splashy fun. Some are them are lively places where you can always find bonfires and volleyball games; others are quiet retreats where you can cuddle with a lover or watch the sunset over the water. For culture lovers, there are shops, cafes, restaurants, boardwalks and all kinds of street performers and musicians.

As one of the premier institutions of Florida, MOSI Tampa has been recognized for its contributions to the scientific community. It has a little something for everyone, so adults can get a kick out of its exhibits and features, too. Offering more than a million square feet of retail space, the International Plaza and Bay Street is one of the top things to do in Tampa when your money is burning a hole in your pocket.

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Last but not least, the International Plaza and Bay Street is a completely enclosed shopping center, so you never have to worry about bad weather ruining your shop-til-you-drop adventures. Rain or shine, day or night, you can stroll the corridors of this Tampa shopping center and indulge in some top tier retail therapy. Located just a few miles outside of Tampa, Dinosaur World is a one-of-a-kind theme park where you can walk through an open habitat of life-sized dinosaur models.

If you like working up a sweat, you might enjoy canoeing down the waterways or biking around the forest trails. If you prefer more laid-back activities, you can visit the interpretive center to learn more about the Native American tribes that used to live in and near Florida. Many of the animals at the Big Cat Rescue are being rehabilitated after abuse and neglect at the hands of circuses, hunters, animal testers and exotic pet owners. The goal of the rescue is to help the poor creatures while also educating the public about them and raising awareness for their plight.

Visitors to the Big Cat Rescue can take guided tours of the animal habitats and view webcams of their homes, nests and hospital recovery wards. Big Cats Rescue is one of those attractions that will make you feel good about spending your money there. Another fun feature of the University of South Florida Botanical Gardens is the range of activities that they offer to visitors.

There are beekeeping workshops and yoga classes; there are flower and Do you want to Tampa Florida me tonite festivals where you can purchase pots, seeds, crafts and paintings. You can taste them in the taprooms, try them out at special brewing events or order them with a meal at the on-site cafe and patio bar. Kids should be left at the hotel, but adults can have a grand old time as they sit on the porch and shoot the breeze.

Thinking of traveling to other parts of Florida soon? There are rails, ramps and jump points for both amateur and professional skaters. There are seats and snacks for spectators. You can bring your own equipment or rent something from the on-site shop; they try to make it easy for people of all skill levels to enjoy themselves.

Gather your courage, call up the Skatepark of Tampa and ask about arranging a visit. Do it tonight. Do it now! As your Florida vacation comes to an end, you can drink in the sights, sounds and smells of the area one last time before you hop on a plane and head back home. Some people walk it; some people bike or bus alongside it; some people set up their easels on it.

It passes everything from the Rivergate Tower to the Tampa Museum of Art, so if you missed anything on your Tampa bucket list, you can cross it off before you go. Florida is a beautiful destination, and the Tampa Riverwalk will allow you to soak it all in as a final farewell. Tampa Bay Food Tours. The Hindu Temple of Florida. Empower Adventures Tampa Bay. International Plaza and Bay Street. Tampa Bay Brewing Company. Skatepark of Tampa.

Do you want to Tampa Florida me tonite

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