Lonely bitch want girls for dating

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Doing some black Friday shopping I realized that I associate a lot of things with women. Back in high school my boy Falcon use to say some of the most brilliant shit to me when talking about girls, one that stuck with me was this notion of Lonely Bitch Season.

Thanksgiving is a family holiday, and for single females this can be tough. They may be dysfunctional, but her ass arrived alone and will leave alone.

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I can go to a thanksgiving and not get asked one question about the opposite sex. Its cold and no one wants to lay up under the comforter alone watching Set It Off pretending to have fun by themselves. Well no one with a vagina. Women like to cuddle, they like to snuggle, they like to point out cuddling and snuggling are two different things. I got a girl I had only been talking to for a few weeks a Christmas gift because I was trying to soften her up.

I hit before New Years, and I owe it all to that cheap ass Zales bracelet. So what do you do with this knowledge? Because the Holiday Season is like beer goggles for bro. Niggas hibernate for the winter, but they still need a chick to service them in-between games of nba2k. But fuck it, why not go for it?

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