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Who fancies taking a trip to the cinema, or the theatre or even to the bingo or a quiz night?

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Perhaps having a dance, hitting the shops or venturing out on a day trip sounds like fun to you? Although these activities sound like great fun, many women have very few people they can ask to them and may not find the thought of embarking out alone appealing. To several women the Dumfries Get Together, which is a ladies social group located in the Dumfries and Galloway area, is the solution to their isolation. The group encourages social inclusion by organising friendly gatherings, adventures and activities for ladies, who are interested in meeting new people, increasing social skills, building new friendships and having fun by taking part in a range of activities All ladies who are aged are more than welcome to the friendship group.

As the cost of the trip was subsidised by the WFS, members could attend the trip without financial implications and members who otherwise may not have been able to afford the trip could manage the reduced cost. The holiday was a refreshing break for Lonely Perthshire women the ladies as many members are single, widowed, retired or disabled.

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The trip was a form of escapism for several of the members who confront various challenges on a daily basis and are rurally isolated. The holiday exceeded all expectations with each member fully reaping the benefits and creating unforgettable memories.

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The holiday helped to improve the general health and well-being of those who took part, boosted confidence levels, reduced social isolation by providing women with a network of support and friendship. ing this group has made me more active and I have now made some really good friends. I would never have been able to afford the cost of the trip without this funding. The trip allowed the ladies to overcome fears and complete challenges with the support and encouragement from other members of the group.

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The ladies all accomplished new challenges and further improved their social skills during the holiday. The confidence boost has meant the ladies now feel more comfortable and willing to attend more group activities, which reduces social exclusion and loneliness.

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The trip paved the way for new bonds to form, which continue to strengthen long after the trip. Lovely walks and food and company. The feeling of isolation can be suffocating as you are surrounded only by the quiet. You begin to feel overwhelmed by the emptiness and drained of energy. The WFS actively works to ensure all women have opportunities to socialise, form relationships with those in a similar situation or who share a common interest. The WFS are passionate about reducing social isolation amongst women through building skills and confidence and building social networks.

The Dumfries Get Together Group successfully reduces the feeling of loneliness amongst ladies in the community by organising various activities and sociable events that allow for friendships to be built.

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Find out more about us here. All very worthwhile causes.

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Exciting times. June 3, pm Dear Wonderful donors - thank you.

Lonely Perthshire women

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