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These may appear surprisingly crude to some, but less so for me. The experience was one of obscene inequality that rarely gets recognized as such. By the time I could actually say it out loud, I had been a kept woman for over six months. That day, I walked a couple of blocks across my hip neighborhood of U Street in Long term kept woman DC and stepped into my local hairdresser. I was pleased: I had finally found someone I liked to cut my hair.

Her name was Rachel and she had tattoos from neck to toe. I told her I wanted my hair cut in a mohawk and she was excited. The answer came out before I could even think about it. And it was true. The disappointment I felt she carried in her eyes was one I carried in myself too.

To be a kept woman had been the most profoundly alienating experience of my grown-up life. A lex and I met in Italy. I was 22 and starting my career as a journalist after spending years of free to near-free labor and hard work building it up. The day I met him in Rome was the day I found out I had been offered a job with an Italian newspaper in Milan, a four-hour train ride away. He was an American diplomat based in Rome, a former lawyer with an intellectual family. He was 16 years my elder and had reached a point in his life where he felt he was ready to get married.

Our first conversation over drinks was about sexual assault, sexist policing and misogyny in Italy — all topics close to my heart. He agreed with me on everything. He expressed outrage. He said the right things. Here is a man who sees me, I thought. I took the job and moved to Milan three weeks later. We met up for romantic weekends in Tuscany and spent nights in palatial hotels his work sometimes paid for. We got drunk on Aperol spritzes. At a time of tumult and precariousness in my life, I found his Rome apartment dark and comforting.

He made me feel safe. He proposed nine months later and I said yes. He said if I gave up my job now to follow him back to the US, he would compromise down the line — make sure to give up some professional gain and let me have my turn.

And in the meantime, what better thing than to be married to a diplomat, he posed, to travel to unexpected places and be exposed to so many different experiences, especially as a journalist? My family and friends were worried.

It only made me more determined to go through with it. The following summer, having been in my job for less than a year and a half, I quit and moved to the US to be with him. The panics came quite fast, but I pushed the negative thoughts away as much as possible.

I had no friends aside from his, no work visa, no social security and no routine. At the time, it seemed like a lot. I had never had much money as an adult. I certainly never knew money to arrive so easily. Our rent was paid by his employer. I enrolled in an intensive Arabic class, which he covered. I started volunteering with a media nonprofit and went running with homeless women. I ran a marathon and raised money for a cause. I Long term kept woman to the gym, and felt pressure to stay fit. I covered the odd meal out.

Any frills, I would have to pass by him. He had the means, though: for a party his parents were throwing us, he covered the cost of a Vivienne Westwood dress. But quickly, I grew quiet.

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Alex hated my lack of propensity for cleaning and the fact that I left my shoes in the way. He screamed when I put a sharp knife in the dishwasher. When we got a puppy, I was praised for how good I was with him.

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Sometimes, Alex would go into silent rages and not speak to me for days. His rages would cease when I would break. After days of silence, I would break down into shaking fits of humiliated, desperate tears and he would apologize. He had a high sex drive and was furious we were not having sex often enough.

We were having sex a few times a week instead of a couple times a day. My lack of constant sexual availability was one of the few things I felt I had to hold on to. The money started feeling dirty. Maybe it always did. He would leave it in cash on the wooden table just before the entrance to the kitchen. Without a social securityand still waiting the interminable wait for my green card to come through, I could not or believed I could not have my own US bank.

There were happy times too. Times when I felt we were a family and times I felt things would almost certainly get better. We lived such a conventional, fulfilled life from the outside.

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If only I could shut up, I would often think to myself. But mostly I felt numbed by my dependence and powerlessness. I screamed a lot and was accused of being hysterical and unstable. He thought I might consider instead working as a French teacher or in the admin part of the American embassy. I started to forgo the hairdresser and cut my hair myself. It saved me money and difficult interactions. Alex received news of a posting to west Africa. For bureaucratic reasons, I would not be allowed to follow him.

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Still visa-less, and therefore unable to work in the US, I applied to the best American graduate school program I could find, and got in. He paid for it. I rediscovered my brain and refused to lower my voice.

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I refused to lose either of them willingly ever again. Just two years and three months after marrying him, we were divorced. Guilt, shame, relief and gratitude submerged me.

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My two years as a 'kept wife' taught me how much my independence is worth. Kept woman in the s? Rose Hackman. Tue 19 May I tried to get better at putting my shoes away before bed. Topics Gender Women features.

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Long term kept woman

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