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In order to be in a meaningful relationship, it must exhibit seven key characteristics, aka the 7 Qualities of Meaningful Relationships. What: Communication is the expression and receiving of the thoughts, ideas and feelings of another person.

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How: The key to strong communication is expressing yourself Looking for respectful sane person and honestly and fully listening to the other person, seeking to understand what they are communicating both verbally and non-verbally.

What: Respect means to hold someone else, their ideas and existence, in high esteem and in a positive light. Why: Without respect for oneself and the other person, a relationship cannot thrive with honesty and interdependence. What: Honesty means your words match your actions—you are truthful about what you do. Why: Honesty is critical to meaningful relationships because it is one of the pillars of trust, and without it, the relationship is likely to fail. How: Being honest involves communicating clear expectations of yourself and the other person, admitting to any mistakes and expressing how you honestly feel.

Why: Dependability is the second pillar of trust and is a crucial show of support for the other person. How: To be dependable, keep your commitments and promises and be present for the other person, both physically and mentally. What: Empathy is the vicarious experience of the thoughts, feelings and emotions of another person. Why: A step beyond sympathy, empathy is the ultimate of support for the other person because you truly walk in their shoes and experience what they experience.

How: As Stephen Covey describes it: seek first to understand, then to be understand. Focus on truly understanding what the other person is going through and feeling before trying to fix it, respond to it or ignore it. What: Interdependence is when two independent people come together to create a strong relationship.

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Why: Interdependence is stronger than a co-dependent relationship because both people are coming from a solid foundation. What: Every strong relationship has a purpose—a reason that the two people are connecting, associating or being involved with each other. It could be for career perspective, guidance, socializing, love or a thousand other things.

How: Defining a purpose includes evaluating why you are in a relationship and aligning with the other person the reason the relationship exists.

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There is more depth to each of these qualities, but the above synopsis gives you a starting point to understanding what it takes to have a meaningful relationship. By working on each of these qualities, you can grow your relationships into the Continue stage and reap the benefits of meaningful relationships. If you would like to learn more, checkout our other blogposts on The Importance of Relationships7 Types of Work Relationships and the 5 Stages of Relationships. Remember, having meaningful relationships at work improves your workplace satisfaction by up to 96 percent and keeps you sane.

Nominations are still open for the Corporate Humor Awards! Nominate an individual or organization that is helping to keep […]. What would you do if you suddenly became paralyzed from the waist down? New to the Corporate Humor Awards? Here are some of the most popular or Looking for respectful sane person least frequently asked questions. If […]. What is this platinum rule business? What ever happened to the Golden Rule, that is to treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself, which is what Jesus said. Otherwise most parts of the article are okay. You appear to describe things at such a superficial level I suspect you are fresh off one of your recent cool-aid mixers provided by Steven Covey or Dale Carnegie.

The issue I take exception with the most, aside from honesty and integrity piece not being more generally the same is the same one mentioned by another commentor. Treating people how THEY would like to be treated lends itself to manipulation to get what YOU want and it is very sociopathic in nature. Treat sociopathic assholes like Queens and Kings, the way they want to be treated, never helped society 1 bit!

Doubt your able to post this comment cause it conflicts with your superficial and shallow depth of understanding on the whole subject.

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If someone thinks they ought to be treated like royalty being sycophantic is dishonest. I like the rest of the article. Nominate an individual or organization that is helping to keep […]. If […]. We use cookies, just to track visits to our website, we store no personal details. It does not contain chocolate chips, you cannot eat it and there is no special hidden jar.

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Looking for respectful sane person

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