Massage with Mellette ending Mellette

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DD Friday 71 - 1. Total precipitation for. Food and cl rut? Practically all these were purchased in barber shops. Thistle Down. Sam ple purchased from Ed Bennss. Hud son. Rose's Scalp Massage. House, Waterloo, lowa. Kneehlatt Barber Supply Co. Monger, PeSmet, S. A highly colored and perfumed liquid containing Jo per cent of wood alcohol and u. The label makes false am! Bay Rum. Jobber and manufactur er not known. Sample purchased from Win.

It contained 11 per cent of wood al cohol and 34 per cent of grain alcohol. Jobber, has. Sample purchased from A. Styles, Hart ford, S. Hair Tonic. Sample purchased from Egan, S. Cuticle Lotion Manufacturer and jobber. Hugo Melchior Supply Co. Banning, Egan. Label re. Cuticle Lotion, purchased from Ed. Hudson, S. Sample is same as one described next above. Dickson Co. Sample purchased from John Libs. Sioux Ealls. It contained 1D.

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It contained no! Alpha Tonic. Hugo Mclcliior Supply Co. Omaha, Neb. Labor atories, F. A highly colored ;md perfumed liquid containing tin per cent of wood alcohol and a sin ill amount of grain alcohol. Sample purchased from B. Metcalf, Not Springs. It containsManufacturer and jobber, Hugo Melchior Supply Co. Sample purchased from IL E.

Thh sample of toilet preparation con- i tains Jo per cent ot wood alcohol, 27 j per cent of grain alcohol and 1. Hazeline Face Lotion.

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Manufactur- j er and jobber, Hugo Melchior Supply i Co. Lanning, Egan, S. A colored and scented toilet preparation containing 1D. Manufacturer and jobber, Hugo Melchior Supply Company. Sample purchased from Harry Irwin. Sample contained Koolo Face Lotion. Manufacturer and jobber, Chas. Dickinson Co. Sample purchased from C. Arlington, S. This contains 15 per cent wood aieohol, some menthol, color and per- 1 fume. Kerlin doing his weekly washing during the days when he was home steading that line quart r ofhand known as the Pup Ranch.

Antiseptic Fee Lotion Manufac turer. Ostlud, Yer million. Quinine Hair Tonic. Manufactur er and jobber Hugo Melchior Supply Co. Omaha Neb. Sample purchased from Dale N an Hook. Do Smet, S. Continued next week J. Rarncaux and family went to Ok reek Monday to visit his sister. Shepherd and family spent Sunday at the home of William Walker.

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Everyone should begin to think of what they are going to lix for that Fourth of July picnic. Moses has gone to Murdo. We understand she went to care for some of Mr. Holland s relatives, who art sick. Bfeifer was looking for a buggy wheel the other evening. We think he wants to find one that will not get lost on the way home. Weed has purchased the house owned by Mitchell Roubideaux and moved it to his place.

He will use it as a garage for that new buggy. Verne Hutchens visited at Mr. Siegmund's last Sunday and had to swim her horse across White Thunder Creek coming home after the storm. Word was received from the Wag ner family that all were well, and that they had reached Rlendo. Wyo ming.

Massage with Mellette ending Mellette

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