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Drinks in hand, they gathered around a video monitor to watch the waning moments of a different game. Everyone knew what was at stake. With more than half the season remaining, New leipzig ND cheating wives wouldn't mean too much -- and yet, it would mean everything. Built from the ground up by Red Bull, the Austrian beverage company, Leipzig has become the most reviled club in Germany.

If it isn't your favorite club, Leipzig is probably your least favorite. And if you are a Leipzig fan, the rest of the Bundesliga would tell you that you're one of a select few. Deep into stop time, Bayern conceded a penalty. Now they'd need at least another week to stake their claim as the Bundesliga's best, and that was a shame. Hadn't they already been waiting to be German champions for RB Leipzig is Europe's equivalent of an American expansion team. Beforeit simply didn't exist.

Then Red Bull -- already the owner of soccer clubs in Salzburg and New York as well as Formula 1 racing teams and other sports entities -- took control of SSV Markranstadt, which had been puttering along in the German fifth division. It changed the team's name and Red Bull'd its colors and logo. It bought a year lease on the city's 43,seat stadium, broke ground on a palatial training facility and began its journey to the top of German football.

In just eight seasons, RB Leipzig reached the Bundesliga. By the 10th,it was competing in the Champions League. Fielding Germany's youngest squadit deploys a high-octane style; this season, no team in the league has scored as many goals. As the Bundesliga s this week after its holiday break, Leipzig is well positioned to depose mighty Bayern, which has won seven titles in succession but currently sits four points behind Leipzig in the table.

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That's big news for a competition that has crowned just two different champions -- Bayern and Borussia Dortmund -- in the past decade and only four this century. We would vote for a traditional club like Bayern. We would vote for the heart. To understand that, it is necessary to realize that German football has barely changed since the s. Sure, the stadiums are bigger and the shirts have advertising, but the game is still perceived as a sacred trust between a club and its fans.

To New leipzig ND cheating wives that soulless corporations or free-spending oligarchs don't buy up clubs, as they're allowed -- indeed, welcome -- to do in most other nations, the Deutscher Fussball-Bund DFB bylaws require that individual members own a majority of voting shares, a "plus-one" rule unique to Germany. Exceptions, such as Volkswagen's ownership of Wolfsburg and pharmaceutical giant Bayer's of Bayer 04 Leverkusen, are allowed only when a company or individual has bankrolled a club for at least two decades.

There also is a restriction against clubs adopting commercial logos, but a few tweaks to the taurine combatants on the drink cans proved enough to circumvent it. As for the rule forbidding teams to name themselves after corporations, Red Bull had an answer for that, too.

Officially, at least, it is the near-nonsense word RasenBallsportwhich literally means "sports played with a ball on a lawn. Such sleight of hand, coupled with the club's vertiginous rise, has led the rest of German football to treat Leipzig's success as an existential crisis. When Leipzig plays in Frankfurt, Eintracht refuses to show its logo on the video board or anywhere else in its arena. It isn't just Eintracht and Dortmund, two of Germany's most traditional clubs.

The first time Leipzig traveled to Union Berlin, the in the game program usually devoted to the history of the visiting club was replaced with a primer on bull breeding instead. Fortuna Dusseldorf has updated its bylaws to forbid the club from scheduling friendlies with Leipzig or offering recognition in any way "beyond what is required by the rules of the sport. Fan groups around the Bundesliga routinely boycott trips to Red Bull Arena, and nearly all of them display banners with biting slogans.

The president of another rival, FC Augsburg, even formed his own group of investors in an attempt to wrest control of Leipzig, but failed. A fan activist New leipzig ND cheating wives Fortuna Dusseldorf, a team struggling to avoid relegation, Rudolph resents Leipzig's presence in the Bundesliga table, let alone at the top of it.

It's just money. But then Leipzig scores a fairy-tale goal like the first one against Hoffenheim, a counterattack that seems to take only as fast as the head can swivel. It ends with Patrik Schick sliding the ball to Timo Werner at precisely the moment that the retreating fullback is forced to commit, with Werner punching the ball home with a thunderclap. That's how we play. Adams, 20, is part of the second generation of emerging RB Leipzig standouts. It has come directly on the heels of the first generation, which includes Werner, who is just 3 years older. Whether he was referring to the company's approach to football across its various teams or to the caffeinated drink was unclear.

Apart from fragmented Berlin, Leipzig was the largest city in the former East Germany and a ificant center of sports. Much of the research into high-performance training including, but not limited to, illegal doping in the Olympics was performed at Leipzig's Deutsche Hochschule fur Korperkultur. Once upon a time, Leipzig was a football town, too.

In the s, crowds of more thangathered for games in the old Zentralstadion, the shell of which now surrounds Red Bull Arena. After unification, football throughout the former East fell into disrepair.

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Occasionally teams would emerge in the Bundesliga for a season or two, but none was competitive. Before RB Leipzig took over first place for the 11th week of the season, its first in the Bundesliga, the last eastern team atop the leaderboard had been Hansa Rostock, early in the season. Until Leipzig, none of them had qualified for the Champions League, and none has won the Bundesliga. By the time Red Bull turned its attention to Leipzig infootball in the former East had deteriorated to a few struggling clubs in the nether reaches of the German professional structure.

Each drew, at the most, a couple of thousand fans per game. Where had all those other fans gone? Still, success came more slowly than the company had anticipated. Barred from using the Red Bull logo, the club played its first season without any logo at all. Attendance was low. After a quick promotion, it languished three seasons in the fourth division before moving to the third.

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By then, Ralf Rangnick had been hired as manager. ly, Rangnick had engineered two successful Bundesliga promotions, at Hannover 96 and Hoffenheim. Backed by the Red Bull empire, he enjoyed an almost limitless budget. But rather than spend it on established players, he concentrated on gathering young talent, much of it poached from academies at smaller clubs around eastern Germany.

Red Bull's war chest also meant that its scouts could operate further afield than those at similarly sized clubs. Yussuf Poulsen was playing in the Danish second division at 17 when Rangnick arrived in Portugal for a U tournament. Then they would go up to the second league the following year. New leipzig ND cheating wives assumption that such an ascent could be scripted was startling.

But the more Poulsen listened, the more it made sense. This is the third time. He knows how you do it. The young players Rangnick ed, like Poulsen and Werner and midfielders Marcel Sabitzer and Diego Demme, were primed to learn his system. They were also far less expensive than established stars. We never, ever bought a star. We bought young players. At the time, every other Bundesliga team could have bought these players. Many of the 2. Bundesliga could have bought them. We did a good job of scouting, with a clear philosophy.

And we still stick to that philosophy. The massive financial commitment to everything from saunas to medical care provided a clear advantage. Just as useful has been an autocratic organizational structure that enables decisions to be made far more expediently than at other German clubs.

Here you can improve in a very short time. This is great. It is also, Mintzlaff is quick to point out, the way football clubs operate in most of the rest of the world. He doesn't try to hide the fact that Leipzig's ambitions extend beyond the Bundesliga to the Champions League, which provides the glory and pays the bills. And of course, people want to see the best players. And the best players are expensive. Any club that isn't willing to compete internationally, he infers, shouldn't try to restrain those who are.

We have a little more of the American mentality -- let's work harder, let's get it done, let's do it even better. Each day, managing director Carsten Cramer arrives at an office that fills a corner of Borussia Dortmund's modern, glass-walled office building. The floor is hardwood. New leipzig ND cheating wives is handsome, white furniture and a mounted video monitor. He could be running an ad agency. Indeed, Cramer's background is in marketing, and it probably isn't a coincidence that Dortmund has profited handsomely during his tenure, using the presence of American standout Christian Pulisic to extend its reach across the Atlantic and emerge as Germany's most visible club after Bayern Munich.

Nevertheless, Cramer sees his role as less commercial than evangelical. He raises a finger. The connections between German communities and their people have frayed, Cramer believes. Religion has been lost from daily life; so has much of public discourse. Football is all that's left, and overt commercialism poses a mortal threat.

New leipzig ND cheating wives

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