Older dad wants younger Phoenix son for play

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This Iraqi Christian family of mom, her adult son and his adult male cousin share the small Mesa apartment with the wife of a brother the family lost track of in Iraq. The missing brother has two sons, 5 and 12, who also live in the home.

The family left Iraq to escape the war, seeking refuge in Turkey for where they lived for 2.

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More recently, the family emigrated to the US to begin their new lives. The two adult sons with quick smiles proudly spoke of their work as car mechanics in Iraq and are pleased to have begun employment with the housekeeping staff at Casino Arizona. While they miss the family scattered from the war, they are embracing their new lives in the US and raising the two young boys in peace. This Iraqi couple is blessed with four beautiful young daughters, ranging from The father who worked as a contractor with the US military in Iraq is currently seeking employment here in Arizona.

His wife looks forward to the opportunity to apply her skills and education in the field of medical science and raising their daughters in peace. A small backyard of children laughing, running and playing showed the resiliency of the family and the certainty of a happy new life for them all here in the US. This Burmese family initially settled in San Diego, but recently relocated to Phoenix, seeking a more affordable place to build a life in the US.

The family looks forward to a life of new opportunity for their two young boys. The fourth family we will visit is from Burma. The dad 37 and mom 45 have 3 children: 2 sons 22 and 12 and a daughter The family practices Islam and was persecuted in Burma for their faith.

The father had owned a small grocery story; inthe government passed a law forbidding Muslims to own businesses. Inthe father fled to Thailand as he was under threat. The rest of the family stayed behind until when they ed him there. They have been in Phoenix for 2 months.

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The children all speak some English. The 2 younger children are in school and the older is working on his English so he can get a job. The family is very happy to be together here in Phoenix. They were so grateful for the visit from WTAP that they had tea and biscuits ready for the home visitors as a way of showing their appreciation. The fifth family we will visit also fled from Burma. The family left Burma in for Thailand.

Shortly after, the brother gained asylum in the USA. They now have a 4-year-old son and an 8-month-old baby, and have just bought their first house! Our client has been here since the end of March. He is happy to be in Phoenix with his brother, his mom and his sister. The day we visited he had just finished an interview for a job at the Marriott. Fingers crossed! The sixth family we will visit is from Iraq. The father 31 and mother 30 have a 4-year-old son.

They have been here 2 months.

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In Iraq, the mother was a Chemistry professor at the university. She understands English very well, but is still shy about speaking. She Older dad wants younger Phoenix son for play to work on her English and go back into teaching. Right now, she stays at home with the son. The father has secured a job. The family is very happy to be safe here. The mother wanted us to know that she thinks Phoenix is very beautiful. This family is from Afghanistan, and they arrived in Arizona on February 29 with their four children, three daughters, ages 2, 3, and 14, and a son age The father, age 35, worked for the American military for five years proving technical and computer support.

He had ly worked for seven years in the census bureau of the Afghan government. He completed high school and went on for advanced training at institutes of higher learning in Afghanistan. He hopes to attend college in America, but noted that he must first work to support his family, and he is hopeful that he may be employed soon.

The couple has been married 16 years, and the husband is the only one in the family who speaks English. The wife is a homemaker and likes living in America. She wants to learn English and learn how to drive a car. Her husband was taking his driving test tomorrow and noted that he had been studying daily so he could pass it.

The older daughter is in the 9th grade, and their son is in 4th grade. They are both learning English in school and making good progress. His father was arrested, and the family has not had any contact with him or the rest of their extended family since they left Ethiopia. The family arrived in Arizona in January with their four children, two daughters, ages 5 and 11, and two sons, ages 2 and The husband, age 33, began working two weeks ago and was not at home during the visit.

The wife, age 30, reports that he enjoys his job. The wife does not speak English but her husband does. The two older children are currently enjoying school and learning English. The family has no social support system here. When wife was asked how she felt about her new home, she said only that it is really different living here. When asked about her hopes for her family in America, she said that she wants to integrate the family into the American way of life.

This week we visited a family of eight from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In they fled to neighboring country Uganda due to political unrest and violence in their community. They resided in a camp for nine years in Uganda, and were finally resettled in the United States in early March The husband and wife have six children, four of whom are now enrolled in school. Back in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the father was a farmer and he is grateful for the opportunity for his children to get a formal education and learn to read and write, an opportunity he did not have when he was growing up.

He stated that the language barrier has been one of the biggest challenges since coming to the United States, and he really wants to learn English. This is a young lady 22 year old from Somalia. This lady fled to Kenya in due to the threat she faced in Somalia. She arrived in Phoenix April 5, She worked in Kenya doing house work and attended school. She would like to take courses in English and is glad to be safe in the United States.

She has no family in Phoenix. This visit was with two 2 young men from Cuba. One roommate is 23 years old and the other is 29 years old. They fled Cuba to the United States to pursue a better life. They were released in Mexico to cross the border into the United States. They arrived in the United States and had to call a cousin in Spain for future directions.

They arrived in Phoenix December 3, They both have degrees, one in Engineering, the other in Electrical Engineering. They both are working, one with a Glass Company building frames and installing glass.

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The other is working with an Electrical Company. They are concentrating on learning English. The one roommate would like to work in Marine Engineering. They want to help their families in Cuba have a better life. This visit was with a 33 year old young man from Burma. He fled Burma due to discrimination and an inability to earn a living. He fled to Malaysia where he worked in a factory, a supermarket as a cashier, and as a waiter. He arrived in Phoenix February 18, He is learning English and wants to take the English speaking test.

He stated he is a little uncomfortable where he is currently living because of the community in which he lives and is looking for support with clothing. He is very glad to be here in the United States. The mother in the first family is originally from Afghanistan. She left with her parents when she was five years old. They lived in Iran for thirty years. She married and had all her children in Iran. From Iran, they spent 7 months in Romania and arrived one month ago in Arizona. They have family in Afghanistan and Iran, but none here.

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The language barrier has made things difficult for the children in school and for the mother to communicate. The oldest son is 19 and wants to study and work evenings. The two younger sons are 16 and six. The daughter is nine, all three are attending school. The mother age 35 hopes to find part-time work that is not heavy labor, due to back issues. The second family is also from Afghanistan originally. They lived in Iran for 33 years where the father age 46 and mother age 35 met, married and had all their children. Toward the end, life in Iran was difficult because jobs were hard to find.

The father worked in a bakery and later in construction to make ends meet. The oldest son is 15 and speaks some English. They have two daughters, ages nine and seven who attend school. They also have a two year old son that is very curious and active and keeps his parents on their toes. They currently have no other family members here and need to learn English. The third visit will be to a step-dad and step-son who are Cuban asylees.

This means they are able to work here and apply for residency if they are in good status. Once they get permanent residency, they can apply for a petition to have family them. The step-dad left his wife and 3 year old son in Cuba. Both men just found employment working maintenance in an apartment complex and are looking forward to having family them in future.

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This family of three ed us from Baghdad, Iraq in February, A mid-fifties aged mom is here with her two grown children, a son, 26 and a daughter, Mom is recovering from an illness so has not yet begun studying to learn English and does not plan to venture into the workforce at this juncture.

Both children hope to attend college and work professionally in the US. The daughter would like to study pharmacy and the son, culinary arts. The younger son is an angelic looking toddler. Dad and his sons love watching and playing soccer. One thing that has surprised this family since coming to the US is how good the drivers here are. In Baghdad there is no speed limit and apparently lots of crazy driving maneuvers! They are looking forward to a good life in America. This family moved to Phoenix from a smaller town in central Iraq in February The couple has four children aged three to eleven — two boys and two girls.

The youngest, a daughter, is still at home with Mom while the others are in school.

Older dad wants younger Phoenix son for play

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