Please treat people how you want to be treated

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in. Also, I have a tough time verbally articulating the values that mean the most to me, and writing helps me express those values to the people that mean the most to me. Think about others the way you want to be thought of. Feel about others the way you would want others to feel about you. Speak to others the way you want to be spoken to. But what about something less obvious, like if the person crossed a certain boundary or indirectly caused you or someone else harm?

The easy thing to do, is to cross them back or to brush it off, which is something I often see. But if the person in the wrong truly believes they are doing the right thing, then nothing will change and their wrongful actions will continue. It might take extra effort, but try to gain perspective and truly understand how that person feels and then try to teach them the error of their ways.

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And always be open to seeing the other side as well. We tend to hold on to negative feelings much easier than positive ones, which I guess makes sense since negative actions seem to leave a bigger imprint in our minds. But holding onto these harsh and negative feelings will only make it that much harder to trust and love people you come across. For any of this to work, the mentality has to change and adapt. You have to think about the good in people instead of the bad.

You have to refrain from thinking, or speaking pityingly of someoneespecially if you feel you are better off than they are.

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Thinking of yourself as superior is not a beneficial way of thinking. It creates an illusion of happiness and success that may not accurately portray where your life is actually at. Personally, this was a mental obstacle for me.

I always compared myself to others and allowed that judgement to dictate how successful or happy I felt, which is not a healthy approach. Given or received, if you would like to help someone less fortunate, do it from love, and not pity. So then everyday, just focus on perfecting one virtue at a time. Career in data science, passion in dance, and I write my thoughts sometimes. Get started. Open in app. James Harvey.

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Please treat people how you want to be treated

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