Ridiculously smart & sexy? Funny & slender too?

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In. Easy A Hide Spoilers. Jerry-Nixon 19 July I thought that this film, like Mean Girls is a fine film to watch with the wifey. I thought it was really funny that Emma Stone needs lies and rumors to become popualr when she is thin and has no fat on her.

The twist at the end is predictable though. Olive is hot. Was this review helpful? Easy A is funny, teen and surprisingly adult at the same time. Olive emmathe counsellor Kurdrow and the xian freak are hot thin an show a little. The pooch is so cute always being impassive. Fun watch and references some good memories of john Hughes. A sexy triumph that feels like it could have been from John Hughes in the '80s. Sexy teen and mockery of the superstitous are treated in a funny manner.

The premise makes no sense because she is slender and attractive and shows a little skin and as such would have a million suitors, but anyway Emma Stone, as pretty as she is, has a good script. Lately the genre of teen comedies skew to the ribald and the are more sex romps than tell stories and introduce characters that you can not only root for but like.

In Emma Stone you have a Molly Ringwald for a new generation: relate-able, sexy, funny, sarcastic and lovely shines as Olive, a girl who le her best friend Aly Michalka to believe she wasn't a virgin. The rumor spre about her fabled loose ways and spurs different reactions from the school population: Brandon Dan Byrd wants to use it to his advantage, Marianne Amanda Bynes the school's self-appointed religious leader wants to shame Olive and Olive decides to run with it for her own gains.

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There are many pluses with this film: A cast of young actors who are true actors who can convey the humor and uphold the tone of the film; a truly funny, vibrant script by Bert V. Royal in which not Ridiculously smart & sexy? Funny & slender too? the teens get to be smart and fully fleshed out characters but the adults Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci as Olive's wry and whimsical parents are a joy; and Thomas Haden Church whose character is a new spin on the "hip teacher".

With Stone as the lead and the only face in the promotional poster people may think this is a "chick flick" but this film is for anyone who just likes a good film. I attended a free preview of this movie and without having done any research on the movie and just based on a short synopsis, had pretty low expectations walking into the cinema. It's always great coming out of a cinema being pleasantly surprised by an enjoyable movie and that's exactly what happened! I've always been a fan of fast witty dialogue and this movie definitely delivers!

Virtually every character in the movie whether minor or major seems to have something funny to say, and while there wasn't a lot of ROFL moments, there were quite a few LOL's throughout the movie! To me, it's one of those movies perfect for a Friday night to unwind from work without having to use too many brain cells but enough so that you don't walk out of there thinking you'd wasted your time and intellect! Just saw this with my daughter who is I couldn't agree more - great direction and just a hint of a wacky feel to it.

The only parts that didn't hold up was a couple of logistical things like a girl that good looking not having any guys following her around, and having a best friend who is such a ditz. All in all though Ridiculously smart & sexy? Funny & slender too? plot stuck together, was edgy in a few ways, and thoroughly entertaining.

I'd put it on the shelf right next to the John Hughes films, and that is a distinguished place indeed. Stampsfightclub 24 October Emma Stone stars as Olive, a lonely heart who lies about losing her virginity to her best friend and soon rumour spre she is a slut. Initially mortified Olive parades around the school as a slut, wearing an 'A' on her clothing but soon she ends up in trouble.

Described as "the best teen comedy since Mean Girls" this is a must see because quite simply, it is. The comedy variety of clever performances, physical humour and beautiful word play make a combination of knockabout comedy a treat for anyone over 15 years of age that will entertain you for a glorious hour and a half.

Emma Stone in her first major leading role excels as a typical but not yet typical teenager going through life's friendship and educational battles, and thankfully with a difference. Olive narrates via an internet blog about how everything came about and her life and school reputation changed. Through some original narrative de and comic brightness audiences are easily engaged into the world of its heroine.

Stone's performance is indescribably funny. From singing alone in her bedroom to strutting around in revealing clothing and making us laugh at the same time has made her a star for the future. One scene where she pretends to have it on in a bedroom is very funny and whilst marketed as a comedy, the inevitable drama sequences show Stone as a rock. Stone steals the film but thanks to the experience of Stanley Tucci and Thomas Haden Church we have an array of comic genius. Tucci has never been funnier. The plot boasts some great twists and turns whilst marketing some great songs on its soundtrack.

The way it separates itself from the normal comedy, by diversifying itself through visual aids such as the live web blog or plot differentiations makes it one out watch over and over again. A couple of drawbacks include the fact Lisa Kudrow cannot shake the Phoebe tag and the ending is slightly predictable. These minor things aside this is a knockabout comedy with a great lead performance that is certainly worth checking out. BradInAZ 2 June June 2 - saw advanced preview of "Easy A" tonight. Emma Stone plays sarcasm great in this one, and supporting cast works well with her.

Emma also narrates heavily throughout, and though not rolling on the floor funny, this has the feel of a John Hughes film even makes reference to him in a longing way. Thomas Haden Church is funny as the only teacher we really meet, and Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson are well cast as the understanding and 60's hippy mentality parents.

The crowd I saw it with laughed frequently, and there are a lot of "I've been there" or "I've seen that" moments that you can relate to from your own high school. The writing is a little bit above the age - that is to say, you'd be surprised to hear the advanced dialog coming from today's teenagers, but this movie worked for me and those with me. Makes for a fun night at the movies.

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Scheduled for release Sept 17 How much you enjoy and buy into this comedy depends on your willingness to run with Emma Stone's edgy, verbally agile Olive, a year-old high school girl frustrated with her anonymity until she finds the gossip mill as an escape from it. While her character is not wholly unrealistic, her dialogue occasionally reminded me of Juno Temple, a peculiar mashup of female personality that strained credibility on of bizarre quips and far-fetched zingers.

You know you're watching a Hollywood film when a teenager is talking like an educated adult in their 30s or 40s. Fortunately, her character doesn't quite lapse into this because of Stone's superior acting chops and a performance with more dimensions. The film is at its best when it makes humorous but sincere references to great historical literary works like The Scarlet Letter and Huckleberry Finn.

There is also a strong array of comedic supporting performances, the best coming from Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci as Olive's loving but slightly harried parents. Thomas Haden Church is a good presence in this film as her favorite teacher. And Amanda Bynes, in one of her last high-profile performances, is quite funny as the loathesome class president and arch-rival of Olive's. While not your typical teen sex comedy, this one can be quite charming and is good fun.

KnightsofNi11 26 November It's always nice to see a comedy that doesn't meander around the same stupid gags insulting my intelligence time and time again. I was very happy to see a different kind of teen comedy that was much more sophisticated than the films it branches from and even parodies in many creative ways. Easy A is about a typical high school girl named Olive Emma Stone. Olive has never been popular and has never really been noticed by anyone, and I don't see why considering Emma Stone is absolutely beautiful but that's beside the point.

Anyway, Olive, without thinking things through, starts a little white lie about losing her virginity. This lie spre to the rumor mill and spre throughout the whole school ridiculously fast, which is one of the bigger themes of this movie that focuses on a lot of the necessary flaws of high school, one of the most incessantly emotional periods of our lives. Obviously, the rumor quickly gets out of hand and Olive's reputation as the school slut grows.

Instead of backing down here, Olive exploits the rumor mill for her own social and financial gain, as guys pay her to pretend to have sex with her. The themes and criticisms of high school life in this film are valid, but thankfully they aren't overbearing and the entire movie becomes a laugh out loud blast. First off, the dialouge of Easy A is surprisingly great for a film set around these kinds of teenage archetypes.

It is much more intelligent sophisticated than the typical pandering you hear Ridiculously smart & sexy? Funny & slender too? out of the mouths of teenagers. It adds a whole new level of respect to the film that keeps it very lively and fresh. But the dialouge isn't cocky, thankfully, and I never got the sense the writer was trying boast his wide vocabulary.

He went a totally different route, and used it to the advantage of more characterization. Olive is much smarter than her peers and her language reflects that.

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There are plenty of other characters in the film that obviously don't come close to her sophisticated insight into the world and are the true bimbos and airhe. Their dialouge is much more typical of a teenager, and it reflects a very distinct level of characterization that had hilarious .

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