Secret hotel fun

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Hotel rooms offer some of the best parties for hosts. Hotel parties do come with some drawbacks, however. If you can throw a party that does no harm to the hotel or bother other residents, then you should be in the clear. Continue reading below to discover how to throw a secret hotel party without causing any trouble!

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In the beginning stages of your party planning, be sure to send out invites and RSVPs. Make sure that all guests planning to attend RSVP before the party date. This gives you an estimated of guests to plan for. Is there a side entrance into the hotel that you can have someone stand at to let people in upon arriving? Are there back stairways that might be more secretive than taking the elevator? Think about these things before booking your room.

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Not all rooms are smoking rooms. Many hotels offer smoking and non-smoking rooms. Other hotels only offer non-smoking rooms. Look into the hotel room options before selecting the right hotel for your party. You want to choose a hotel that offers smoking rooms and book one of those. If you want to provide food at your party, order food ahead of time and pick it up yourself. If you have food delivered, chances are the food delivery person will deliver the food right into the hotel lobby.

Even if you give your delivery person special instructions to avoid the hotel lobby, it could still create unwanted attention to you. Pick up the food yourself and bring it up to the room before your guests arrive instead. When booking your room, try to request a room on the top floor at the end of the hallway.

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Keeping your party at the top of the hotel at the end of the hall will keep you in the most likely position for staying away from other guests. You could also consider requesting to be placed in a room located around no other guests. If your party is quite large, then you can look into booking ading rooms.

Having ading rooms help keep everyone spread out.

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It also allows the noise to spread out and not all be concentrated in one place. Another tip is to book multiple rooms surrounding the room where your party will be. If you can do it, then do it. This will help keep other people away from your party. Arrive at the party early and remove all breakable items from the room. Take everything you can and place items in a safe spot. Under the bathroom sink or in drawers are the perfect places.

This keeps things out of the way and less likely to be bumped into or broken.

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Soundproofing your room might be easier than you think. There are a few tricks you can do to help soundproof your room. For example, be sure to roll up a few towels and place them under doors. You can also hang comforters over doors to keep the noise level isolated. Although the major cleanup can be left to the hotel, you will need to prepare for some cleaning yourself. If towels were damaged, you can grab a few new ones off the maid services cart and throw the old ones in a trash bag that you take home.

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You should also remove the comforters that you hung and clean up anything that would be out of the ordinary for a normal hotel stay. The rest can be left for the room service! If you plan to throw a hotel room party soon, then be sure to use these tips provided above to ensure you throw your party with confidence!

Secret hotel fun

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