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Twenty-three distributor salesmen from all sections of the country are expected to arrive here today for the opening Monday of the first of three one-week courses of instruction in all phases of power transmission equipment which are; offered twice annually by thej Dodge Manufacturing corporation. The three one-week classes constitute the fall term of instructions which began in The classes, starting at 9 a. Monday, will be held in the study; classrooms of the Dodge plant,' Executive officials of the corpora- j tion, assisted by engineering specialists, will serve as instructors!

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Yardleyr assistant sales manager of the. Dodge plant, in charge. A "graduation dinner" will cli- max each week's sessions during! Otis, jr. Torson, South Bend Indiana wkp blonde in charge of sales, will present the diplomas.

The second weeks' class of addi: tional distributor salesmen will start" Nov. Since the inauguration of the training school, a total of salesmen have graduated from the j school and are now employed in.!

Each is trained as a transmission specialist, able! Parry, San Francisco, Calif. Mox and Ross S. Sharpless, Dayton. Mo bile, Ala. Dunn, Orlando,' Fla. Yoder, Springs, Pa. Robert Gardner and Edward Setzr. Los Angeles, Calif.

Jj Gibbs, Jacksonville. S, Browne, St. Louis, Mo. Wichita, Kan. Mosher and Michael Prelepa, of MishawaRa. Sell your used things through Tribune want. Grant M. Barton, pastor of urdav by Judge George V. Cav- tht, Fl"1. Ch"-ch f the Nazarene. Scheele 'under way this week with city eosts were assessed Steve L. Toth, f the public health service said istreet department workers assum Niles, today that "contaminants in the!

Erection of sup- Mich. Brown, GraDe road, health. Magnetic tape-recorder complete with micro--phone radio attachment cord 2 reels and carrying case SI While visiting in California early this year, Mrs. Hulda Brady became interested in ceramics and learned about shaping, moulding, firing and decorating. She will show some Of, her large collection at the annual hobby show the Wesleyan Service guild of First Methodist church will sponsor Tuesday in the church. Brady will also have her tools at the show and will demonstrate decorating and firing.

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She is shown here trimming one of her figurines. Photo by Tribune Stafr-Photosraplier, cause acute effects on Much research is needed "before J will be the first step in preparing n'"i sircci. Klaer, chair- No. Curtis statement said. National Smoke the city has ever had. The display L. Crofoot, 18, of rural route No. Abatement week starts tomorrow, will be illuminated for the first 6. Chamber of Commerce as the of- Charged with trespassing. Rus-ficial opening of the Christmas sell W. Myers, 19, of Lincolnshopping season in Mishawaka.

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Mead, 18, of East mittee is continuing its solicita- Dunn street. South Bend, were! The court costs professional and fraternal organ- were suspended. Purchase of an out-: yr. She has long been prominent in the program of the bank. Assisting street workers in the erection of, the dis E.

Gates, the club's membership' chairman, has revealed. National Education association m. Ethel J. Alpenfels, profes-. Blonde mahogany, walnut, maple, mahogany, wheat. New York will be the are: Sunday educational opportunity, Monday; responsible? Tuesday: health and sarety, wea-nesday; home and community obli- eationa.

His subject will be "3. Te:phnne slarm 5:o6 p Ort 2. The dinner, to which legionnaires For the second time within less 10, to be held in observance of and their wives are invited, will than a month thieves have broken American Education week, Nov.

Guests will include Raymond W. Cook, the company owner,!

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Teachers, and other groups Inter-;ern vice commander of the Indi- Oook explained,no money was ested in education. Glen M. Third that he was fearful of the theft of! Mishawaka Educational associa-j district commander, and Frank valuable tools.

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Entrance into the tion. Dinner was made by forcing the lock on J. Young, suprintendent of schools, music iwill be played by Dixie a rear door. TheiLee, accordionist. Tickets for the benefit affair will be guests of the post at a, niay still be obtained from any dinner to be given in the organiza-!

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Mishawaka police officer or at tion home, North Church 'police headquarters. They may also De purchased at me Indiana club. MP now oh tour of the nation, will i 'f'' ,u', "u "l. His troupe of entertainers, JK. Xlihawiki lfonu; meat Co. One key baa Free eetimaie. Call Emltn Alaop aliaaawaka Paint Co.

C Phone C4. WI rent beary duty floor aandera. Pay weekly. Plser'a Mercan tile. NEW" Florence Brange. NEW olue TTvins room auite.

South Bend Indiana wkp blonde

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