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The answer is yes and no. But mostly no.

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What concerns many parents is how much control they can have over their child once they reach 18, and many parents abdicate all authority once their kids are no longer minors. The truth is, no matter how old your child, you have the right to make and enforce the rules of your house. Your year-old has to follow the rules just as much as your 4-year-old does. Of course, as kids get older, they can earn more privileges and have more responsibility.

However, the age factor does not give them an excuse to be abusive verbally or physically or disrespectful. Your house rules are your house rules. In the Empowering Parents three-part series on adult childrenJames Lehman describes how many parents get sucked into feeling like they owe their child a place to live or food to eat. Teens have an error in their thinking when they believe that turning 18 suddenly means they can do whatever they want. Both of those statements are true. You can, however, enforce a family rule.

However, the rule in this house is that you stay in school and graduate from high school or get a full-time job and pay rent. The choice is up to you. Teens often challenge your rules by threatening you with leaving, trying to get you to give in to their demands.

However, you do need to find a way to comply with the rules as long as you live here. Then, walk away. Remember, the rules are the rules—and the rules of your house remain the rules of your house no Wanna get sucked granny live chat off how old your. It would be the same for a guest in your home. This needs to be stated clearly and firmly. Your house rules should reflect your morals and values and provide a safe environment for everyone in the home.

For example, no stealing or lying will be tolerated in your home. Curfews need to be met. And no drug or alcohol use is allowed, especially if the child is still under legal drinking age. You may have other rules to add to this list.

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If your 18 or older child is living in your house, they need to abide by your rules or face the consequences. Sit down together and talk about your rules, expectations, and potential consequences. If they break the rules, follow through with the consequence for breaking those rules.

Remember, whether your child is 5 years old or over 18, your home is your home, and your rules are your rules. Good luck! Megan Devine is a d clinical therapist, former Empowering Parents Parent Coach, speaker and writer. She is also the bonus-parent to a successfully launched young man. You can find more of her work at refugeingrief.

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You must log in to leave a comment. Don't have an ? Create one for free! My18 year old moved in with her Principal the day after graduation, because she is dating her son. My almost 18 yr old has too complete this year and next year of high school. She doesn't drive yet, hopefully this summer and doesn't have a job ,is making bad life choices but yet she's ready to move out because I'm the bad guy who tells her what to do.

I get it ,I've been there but seriously 18 is not the magic "I'm a adult". Being a adult is so much more than that. I try to help without being pushy but I end up yelling in frustration. I'm ready to kick her out and let her sink or swim but I'm afraid it will kill us both. Our daughter who is almost 18 and has 1 more yr of HS has been dating a nice boy for over a yr. He recently turned 16 yo. She has indicated his mother wants her to come live at their house when she turns She is a single mother who is a nice person and Wanna get sucked granny live chat off mother.

I feel she is encouraging this decision for her financial benefit and may "trap" my daughter. If she lived at home, more community colleges, home on bus route, close jobs are near our home - their home is far away and not in a safe part of town and a 3-mile unsafe walk to the bus stop. There would only be mom's 1 old vehicle and she has to get to work and 3 kids with difficult to get to public transportation.

Does anyone see a "trap" here? Though, if we required our daughter to live at home, she would be mad, sad, with no motivation - without BF by her side. They are good together. His mom is much younger, healthier than me and that is an attraction to live there.

Plus, can mom claim our daughter as a "dependant" according to IRS rules? The kids love each other, we have different faith values and are in a different socio-economic class. Heres what happened at our home with our 17 year old son. He was lying about where he would be all night and just lying about lots of things in general so he could do what his friends were doing. Didn't go so well in our house as my husband got mad and they got into an argument about lying, not doing too well in school, and not getting a part time job after he quit all sports to hang out with his friends.

Well it is hard to have house rules when other parents don't so my son moved out the day after he turned 18 to live with his friend and his wonderful mom who lets them do anything. So we tried to raise a good kid and got stabbed in the back by him and his wonderful free living friends who have it much more fun than he did I guess. He has always been as respectful to us as any teen and not a lot of trouble, but the beginning of this school year he decided to hang with the bad kids and quit most of his more accomplished .

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So sad. He barely answers our texts to him, so at least I still know he is ok, but neither he nor his friend have a job and are just mooching off the mom who allows it and it has now been 2 months. Will it ever get better?? It has been horrible. Our 17 year old son moved out on his 17th birthday. Truly heartbreaking. I am thankful I know where he is living and is safe. I cry everyday but am also comforted with there is a reason we have to walk this path.

I pray for him everyday and hope for the day we can reconnect. I enforced family rules in the same way. Finish college or get a job and contribute. No drugs. No boys staying over. Help with housework. Both of my daughters left home Wanna get sucked granny live chat off they were 18 because they thought these rules unreasonable and I would not back down. They stormed out on separate occasions and I lost them. There isn't a day goes by when I don't question whether I did the right thing. I held the line with them for all the reasons cited in the article and because I love them.

They threw it all back in my face. We talk now and see each other occasionally but when we talk they complain bitterly about nit having qualifications and not having enough money as they haven't got jobs. It breaks my heart. I had simple rules that couldn't be followed. I'm a single dad of three girls. My oldest just packed up and moved out. I tried so hard to be flexible but her whole attitude changed. She wasn't even nice to be around. I told her we could work through the picking up and the lack of communication in regards to curfew. Finally I had it and told her if the dishes from the Mac and cheese she made the night before weren't picked up by the time I got home from work she should pack her things.

Well, not only was it not picked up but the milk was left out and the butter. Pan on coffee table. Sounds petty but I was serious and now her stuff is in her car. I think she wanted this. I think as my oldest daughter and me being a single dad she felt she had to stay. She always was the "mom" of the house in regards to her siblings.

I'm somewhat relieved because I've been walking on eggshells lately but I'm also incredibly terrified. I told her she is always welcome here and her room won't change. We both cried when she left. I want to call her and tell her to come home but she is 19 and maybe it's for the best. At this point, it might be helpful to take some time and allow things to. When you are both calm, you can talk with your daughter about whether.

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I recognize how difficult this must be for. I hope you find the. Yes, but in terms of the entire situation, that's not ideal at all. I can understand that the intentions are good with that, but it should be used as a last resort. As a mother of three sons--ages 23, 22, and 17 now--I would never actually kick my any of my children out for dropping out of school.

Unless they have a friend who they can stay with or enough money to find a place to live, you'll be leaving them homeless and often without safe transport. And if it's already gotten far enough that you are actually kicking them out and they are still not willing to cave, it could be too late to get them back in school. First you have a full conversation with your child, so that you may understand why he wants to drop out.

Wanna get sucked granny live chat off

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