Wife wants real sex Minden City

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For once we get to talk about Erika Jayne and it has nothing to do with widows and orphans. It could have to do with interestingly-timed dissolutions of marriage with a man who answers to what old people ride around on in the grocery store.

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Welp, now old Scoot has left his wife and the timing has some folks wondering if Erika will soon reveal a new record label man in her life. About 8 months ago, the internet graced us with some rumors and your favorite never-gonna-be-a-housewife-no-matter-what Dana Wilkey fanned the flames. Dana received a DM and posted it to her Instagram alleging Erika has a side-gig as a dominatrix.

Coincidentally, after relocating to a new home, unconfirmed reports also claimed Erika secretly messaged neighbor Armie Hammer who might enjoy sexual proclivities of an alternative nature.

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And she most definitely was not seen going into a sex shop with him. According to Sixthe music mogul split from his wife after seven years of wedded bliss. Fun Fact: Yael is the founder of the Fuck Cancer charity, which is impressive.

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Aw, maybe he has something in common with Erika after all! Erika maintains her denial about being involved with anyone romantically, paddles or otherwise.

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But if Yael creates a nonprofit foundation called Fuck Erika, the mystery will be over.

Wife wants real sex Minden City

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