Women with selfrespect need not apply

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Yes, you heard me. Self-respect is a word that means honoring your worth, preserving your dignity, and taking pride in your abilities. Without self-respect, we are susceptible to being used, abused, and mistreated by other people. Those who lack self-respect are often targets of unsavory types of people like narcissists and egomaniacs who enjoy using self-neglecting people as their lackeys. And who in their right mind would want to end up as fodder for those ratbags lurking in the dark corners of society? From your friendships and relationships to your work commitments, having self-respect ensures that you are treated well, given fair opportunities, have your needs and desires met, and remain on equal footing with other people.

With no self-respect, you are prone to excessive self-sacrifice, letting yourself be walked over and used, abandoning your true self and authentic needs, giving up on your dreams, and other forms of self-abuse.

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Here are some examples of self-respect:. This list is by no means exhaustive, but I hope you get the idea! Oh boy, where do I start? Consciously developing self-respect is the very foundation of self-love and self-care. Here are some of the advantages of having self-respect:. Our inner wolf has been captured. Stop and think. How many of these s can you relate to? Furthermore, if you have been conditioned in a family or culture to put your needs last, self-respect will feel extremely elusive.

All habits require time, persistence, and reward reinforcement. Your inner dialogue — the voice constantly chattering within your brain — has tremendous power. In order to build more self-respect, you will need to override the negative self-talk that causes you to devalue yourself. At first, this may take some time and effort. But the more frequently you affirm your worth, the more your thinking patterns will change. How can you passionately affirm your worth?

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But what I recommend above all is to practice daily mirror work. Mirror work is the practice of standing in front of a mirror, looking directly into your eyes, and saying something loving or empowering to yourself. In front of the mirror, we can see all of our fears, insecurities, and desires — and that is precisely what makes this type of inner work so powerful.

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So try it out. Stand in front of a mirror for 10 minutes each day and repeat passionately that you are worthy of respect. You may also like to adjust your body posture as you do this into a confident stance, e. Changing your body posture will also have a positive effect on your mentality and almost instantly give you a big dose of confidence and self-belief. What do you value in yourself and others? What are you absolutely NOT willing to drop, abandon or compromise deep down?

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In order to develop self-respect, you will need to identify your values. Examples of values include:. Keep this piece of paper close to you and look at it each day. Many people who lack self-respect get addicted to the drama of those around them. Start exploring hobbies, interests, and projects outside of other people.

Take a free personality test or three in our test area and figure out what your strengths and proclivities are. Find a channel on youtube you enjoy watching and learn something new that makes you feel empowered. You have the right to set rules. Rules define what you will and will not do — and what others can and cannot do when around you. Without rules, life is chaos. Without rules, others can walk all over you without blinking an eye. The best way to set clear rules i.

If you struggle to identify how you feel, pay attention to your body. Does your stomach feel queasy when your colleague asks you to put in extra hours even though you promised to spend more time with the kids? If so, say no politely and draw a line.

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And have a self-respecting plan B and C if your colleague persists. Do you get an intense headache every time you talk to a certain person? If so, limit your contact with them. Check out our article on setting personal boundaries for more guidance. If you struggle to identify the worth of your time, energy, creations or products, do some research.

Research those in your field and look for a handful of people you admire. Have a conversation with them, follow them on social media or look at their website if they have one. How do these people you look up to market themselves? If you need an objective opinion, an online group you can find many on facebook catering to your profession and ask for help.

If you struggle with imposter syndrome most people with low self-respect do focus on doing some shadow work to help you explore the underlying core beliefs you have about yourself. In terms of relationships, make a conscious effort to put your best foot forward. Look for the qualities you like the most in yourself and highlight those.

Would you prefer to be happy with yourself, but be alone — or feel horrible about yourself and be in an unfulfilling relationship?

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Those who respect themselves prefer to wait until the right person comes along rather than throw themselves at anyone who looks their way. See yourself as worthy of a genuine soulmate. When I say religiously, I mean frequently and routinely each day. To practice self-care means to see your needs as worthy of paying attention to. In other words, self-care is a form of self-respect. Nurture your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Eat the right foods, get enough sleep, exercise, feed your mind Women with selfrespect need not apply knowledge, and have a daily spiritual practice. By committing to self-care, you will naturally and automatically be increasing your levels of self-respect. about self-care. It means embracing the essence of who you are. If you let your successes define you, you will also let your failures define you — and that is no measure of healthy self-worth! To have stable self-respect, you need to love yourself from the inside out, not the outside in. Does that make sense?

Excellence is not an act but a habit. To truly make self-respect part of your very being, to reunite with the wolf within you that refuses to be trampled over, you need to practice repeatedly. With the above tried-and-tested tips, you have a map that you can refer back to on your journey towards self-empowerment.

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Women with selfrespect need not apply

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